Han Cuisine – Dubai

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My review for Han Cuisine – looking for a restaurant that serves authentic Chinese cuisine? This place offers that and by judging on the full house filled with Chinese customers, it really showed that the food was delicious here.

The black fungus salad was perfectly prepared where I enjoyed every bite. I loved the crunchy texture and the sauce was light so it did not overpower the flavours of the black fungus.


My favourite dish was the wasabi prawns and it was presented beautifully. The wasabi prawns were deep fried with fluffy and crispy batter on the outside. The prawns were marinated with wasabi and the combination of these flavours were a match made in heaven.


The seafood noodles were tasty and had the right amount of spicy flavours to elevate the noodles to the next level. I was expecting to see more seafood in this dish, but only calamari was present. I would have loved to see some prawns, clams, or other seafood, so really, it should have been called noodles with calamari instead.


The most memorable dish was the steamed mussels with garlic and vermicelli. These weren’t just some ordinary mussels that you would usually find at any restaurant. The mussels were placed on a bed of delicious vermicelli noodles and garlic.


I have never had fried milk dessert before and I would have to say that it was a wonderful first time experience for me! The milk mixture was literally deep fried in batter and was not too sweet, so it was just right.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

I ordered the black fungus salad for 28DHS, spinach in vinegar dressing for 34DHS, wasabi prawns for 52DHS, seafood noodles for 40DHS, calamari with xo sauce for 50DHS, steamed mussels with garlic for 68DHS, and the fried milk for 32DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was inexpensive, and it was almost too generous as the portion sizes were large.

The service was slow and a bit frustrating at times since the servers kept on forgetting our water and some of our order.

However, the owner was a lovely host where she did a good job at entertaining us. She was the reason why our dinner service was great for the first bit, but once she left, that was when the service went downhill from the staff members on shift.

The ambience of the restaurant was cute and petite. With the typical Chinese lanterns and the aroma of the Chinese food coming from their kitchen, it really felt like I took a step into China. Located in the Business Bay area, the restaurant focussed more on takeaway and home deliveries, but I would recommend to dine in house, as the food will be hot and fresh.


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