Din Tai Fung – Dubai

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My review for Din Tai Fung – This is the second restaurant to open in Dubai, and it is just as popular as the Mall of the Emirates location. This restaurant earned it’s first Michelin star in Hong Kong, and since I did not get to try it there while I was visiting, I might as well try the one here. I am a huge fan of the soup dumplings, which is called xiao long bao. These are handmade and there was a window outside the restaurant where you can see the chef’s preparing it for customers to see.

The house special salad had a nice crunchy texture to it since it is made out of the wonderful seaweed. The vinaigrette sauce on it tied it together well nicely, it had that asian inspired seaweed style that I love. The other salad that I had, was the Chinese black mushroom salad, and this also had the same idea and texture as the seaweed salad.

The xiao long bao here was delicious, the soup inside the dumplings were juicy and fresh tasting. It was seasoned perfectly and the meat inside was cooked properly. These dumplings were made fresh on the spot by their soup dumplings experts where you can see this in action outside the restaurant through a window.

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The mini taro buns were sadly not as good as I thought they would be. I love taro and anything that has taro in it. This dish had very little taro present in the dumplings, and there was too much dough. It was hard for me to eat and swallow it because the dough was so thick. If the taro filling was thicker, this dish would have been my second favourite of the night.

The dan dan noodles was nothing like the ones I had in China that I love so much. These noodles were dry, and the peanut sauce was not strong enough in flavour to make the whole dish stand out. It was just plain, and it felt like it was missing something, just not sure what.

Finally, I want to finish this review off with the lemon chili fish, it was something that I will not forget. The fish iteself was so soft, and it was so delicious. The meat was juicy, and cooked perfectly, and you couldn’t taste that unappetizing fishy texture, which made this dish much more appealing as I dislike fishy flavours.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

I ordered the house special salad for 22DHS, Chinese black mushroom salad for 18DHS, crab xiao long bao for 36DHS, steamed shrimp and chicken sumai for 32DHS, mini taro buns for 12DHS, dan dan noodles for 33DHS, lemon chili fish for 52DHS, and the matcha latte for 18DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was perfect for the higher end Chinese cuisine served.

The service here was fantastic, as the servers were very attentive and very careful on delivering our food items to our table. They were prompt at clearing out empty plates and were always checking in to make sure we were doing okay.

The ambience of this Din Tai Fung restaurant was better than the Mall of the Emirates location, as the xiao long bao chefs were visible through a window at the entrance, rather than inside. Usually, you do not get to see this until you are inside the restaurant, but this gave customers and people passing by a glimpse of how fresh the soup dumplings are here. There was a cute dumpling mascot statue at the entrance and the sign was clearly visible.

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