Mezza House – Dubai

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My review for Mezza House – This was a great place for me to stop by to enjoy some wonderful Arabian dishes. I liked how simple the menu was and with the small portion sizes, it was easier for me to order a lot more dishes to try. I noticed that it was pretty busy when I stopped by on a Wednesday evening, and most of their guests were having some shisha to relax after dinner.

I was pretty impressed with the sesame bread and hummus served here. I am a “carb-ivore,” so I love bread and the hummus was just a beautiful touch to have with it. It was different than the plain bread that you get elsewhere as the sesame gave the bread a kick of flavour. The hummus was creamy and thick, and was very delicious.


I fell in love with the cheese rolls for some reason. I have never had these before, and I am so glad that I decided to order it. I was probably having one of those moments where I was craving something salty, so these were perfect for that. The cheese rolls were made nicely and was not oily at all.


Finally, for the main course, I ordered the tiger prawns with calamari. I loved the tiger prawns as they were grilled beautifully, and were cooked evenly throughout. The tiger prawns were huge, which was good as I know some places uses the smaller ones and yet, they still call it tiger prawns on the menu.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 10.40.38 PM.png

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the hummus for 25DHS, cheese rolls for 23DHS, cheese sambousek for 21DHS, tiger prawns, and calamari.

The pricing of the food here was absolutely reasonable and affordable.

The service was outstanding here even when it was busy. There were many servers and each one had a positive attitude throughout the whole time that we were dining in.

The ambience of this restaurant was a nice place located in Downtown Dubai. The decor was simple and the blue colours around made the place brighter.

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