Zaroob – Dubai

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My review for Zaroob – this is a wonderful restaurant that serves a variety of different Arabian cuisine dishes. Each dish was a perfect size to get a good taste of the different flavours offered here.

The potato and eggs alayet was amazing. This dish was similar to scrambled eggs, and the potatoes added to the eggs was a nice touch. The eggs were soft and was seasoned nicely so the flavours were great.


I enjoyed the idea of the koshari – which is a dish that has a mixture of rice, pasta, chickpeas, spaghetti, lentils, and tomato sauce. However, I did not like this dish so much as there was not much of any flavours to it. It was almost bland, even with the tomato sauce on top, it just was not enough.


My favourite dish was the trio of cheese man’oushe. The three cheeses melted inside the pita bread was such a comforting dish to eat. I am a big cheese eater, and this satisfied my cheese cravings for the day.

I would have to say that the worst dish was the eggs and cheese kaa’k since it was so dry. The egg was hardboiled and sliced into pieces and placed inside the bread with some cheese. It seemed like it was missing some seasoning, or adding more cheese would have brought out more flavours.


Finally, I want to mention the zaroobian mocktail as it was nice to see a bunch of mixed fresh fruits in this drink and it was refreshing. However, the avocado juice was really bitter, I know this juice is fresh without any sugar added, but I believe the avocado was over riped. I eat avocados daily, so I know the avocado was definitely not right here.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

I ordered the potato and eggs alayet for 22DHS, koshari for 28DHS, hummus fatteh for 25DHS, za’atar saj for 12DHS, trio of cheese man’oushe for 23DHS, eggs and cheese kaa’k for 27DHS, the zaroobian mocktail for 24DHS, and the avocado juice for 22DHS.

The pricing of the dishes are absolutely inexpensive.

The service was great with a few servers working so there was always someone around when you need something. The beverages were a bit slow coming to the table, but the food came out quickly.

The ambience of the restaurant is unique with bright colours and interesting decor all around. There was a nice fresh fruit stand for making the juices, and you are able to see the chefs prepare most of the dishes behind the glass counters. This restaurant is located in the Palm Jumeirah area in the Golden Mile.


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