The Noodle House – Dubai

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My review for The Noodle House – not a bad place for Asian cuisine. This place doesn’t just serve Chinese food, but a mixture of different food from other Asian countries. I was surprised to see the Cambodian duck curry as I am Cambodian and I never thought there would ever be Cambodian dishes here in Dubai as it’s not popular here.

The Cambodian curry was surprisingly not bad. I definitely know the true flavours of Cambodian curry from growing up in a Cambodian household and my mom used to make curry often. This dish brought back those memories and it made me feel close to home. The curry in this dish was so fragrant and beautiful.

My seafood flat noodles were average, but I found that it was lacking some of the oyster sauce, so it became a little dry. The seafood had a tinge of spice which was nice.

Finally, I have found some Malaysian roti canai here in Dubai! I used to love this when I was back in Canada at the popular Malaysian restaurant there. This one served here was definitely good, but I still like the ones back home a little better.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the char kway teow noodles (seafood) for 60DHS, Cambodian curry for 55DHS, and the roti canai for 15DHS.

The pricing of the food here is a little high for Asian cuisine, but I found it worth it compared to the competitors where the food is not as good.

The service that I received here was decent and the food came out in an appropriate amount of time.

The ambience of this restaurant is very different from typical Asian restaurants around town. Usually you see a lot of red colours, but I am glad to see that this place went out of that generic decor and turned it into a modern and simple place.

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