Bangkok Town – Dubai

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My review for Bangkok Town – This is an excellent restaurant to enjoy more affordable Thai food. If you love spicy and delicious curries, you will want to stop by here. The portion sizes here are not as small as some of the other dishes at competing Thai places in town.

The crab curry was stunning. I enjoyed the hints of heat that was coming off of the curry, so it was not overly spicy, but just enough to enjoy the flavours. The crab were smaller so there was not much juicy crab meat, but for the price, you would not expect to see the bigger crab.

The stuffed mussels were beautiful to look at when it came to our table. The mussels were obviously stuffed with vegetables and it was a pleasant combination of flavours. There were quite a few mussels, so it was big enough to share between two people.

Thai desserts are my favourite kind as exotic fruits are used. The sticky rice with durian was my absolute favourite that I had to get two orders of it. The durian was tasty and I really don’t understand how people would say they hate the smell of this fruit when I find it nice. The sticky rice was perfectly made and there was enough coconut milk to balance the sweetness of this dessert.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the crab curry for 35DHS, stuffed mussels for 45DHS, sticky rice and durian for 19DHS, and the sticky rice and mango for 22DHS

This pricing of the dishes here was more affordable compared to other Thai restaurants in town.

The service that I received here was wonderful where the servers were prompt at getting our orders. The food came out in an appropriate amount of time, and each dish came steady after one another.

The ambience of the restaurant was beautiful with lovely Thai pieces of art all around. I loved the warm and inviting colours of the place, which made it easier for me to enjoy my dinner here.

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