Hyu – Dubai

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My review for Hyu – I love the food here! I was always picky when it came to Korean food because usually it’s Korean BBQ filled with meat that dominates the menu and I am not a meat eater, but I do eat seafood, so it’s tough at these places. However, this place has many seafood and other items to choose from, so I was able to have an amazing dinner experience, and I feel that the flavour of each dish is 100% authentic.

The haemool pajeon is a pan fried seafood pancake or omelette, and this dish was amazing. There was a lot of seafood in the pancake and the whole pancake was seasoned perfectly. I liked how fluffy the pancake was and how thin it was so the seafood is not hidden underneath a lot of batter.

Haemool pajeon

I enjoyed the dooboo kimchi as the kimchi flavours here were authentic. This is a tofu dish so it was a great replacement over the traditional cabbage style kimchi. The tofu absorbed a lot of the kimchi flavours making each and every bite delicious.

Dooboo kimchi

One of my favourites tonight was the ttukbokki – which is a stir fried rice cake dish. The rice cake was soft and was stir fried with tasty fish cake, cabbage, and onions.

At every Korean restaurant, I always look forward to the japche or glass noodles, as this is my absolutely favourite type of noodle dish. The glass noodles were stir fried with carrots, onions, mushrooms, and egg. I loved the mushrooms as it was crunchy and gave the soft glass noodles more texture.


Finally, the last dish that I want to mention is the ojinguh bokkum which is a stir fried squid dish. The squid was cooked well, and served with kimchi. I really did enjoy the kimchi flavours here that I did not mind it being present in most dishes.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the haemool pajeon for 40DHS, dooboo kimchi for 45DHS, ttukbokki for 45DHS, vegetarian japche for 40DHS, honghaptang for 50DHS, ojinguh bokkum for 55DHS, Korean pie for 20DHS, and the rice cake dessert for 15DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here seems to be normal for an authentic Korean restaurant that serves wonderful food.

The service that I received here was amazing from the owners of the  restaurant , Annie and her husband who were great hosts and they were friendly and wonderful at making sure we have a nice dinner experience. However, the other staff members were slow at clearing away dirty plates off our tables and were not really keeping an eye on each table to make sure customers are doing good.

The ambience was modern, bright, and very clean. This restaurant was once located in Oud Metha and has now moved to the Jumeirah Lakes Towers area with a nice new atmosphere.


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