Tim Horton’s – Dubai

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My review for Tim Hortons – This cafe is well known in Canada, and being born and raised in Canada, I know for sure that Tim Hortons is definitely a Canadian place. In Canada we call it Timmy’s and it was our go to place to grab coffee in the mornings and the drive thru lanes would always be busy.

I was so surprised to see it here in Dubai, as Tim Hortons was only supposed to exist in Canada, and Americans would have to come up to Canada to try this place. There are so many Tim Hortons branches here in Dubai, and it just made me loose that special feeling of knowing what Tim Hortons is, since it is part of what makes you a Canadian. At the same time, I am a little happy since I do get home sick and seeing the Tim Hortons here makes Dubai feel more like home.

The menu is a little different from the Canadian one, which is good thing as I do want to try the middle eastern twist to this cafe.

The cheese panini was my most popular order when I was in Canada, so I wanted to see if it was the same. It definitely reminded me of the ones back home and it made me smile.

Finally, the iced cappuccino was a very popular drink in Canada during the summer, it was so popular that sometimes the machine would break down and they wouldn’t be able to make anymore for the rest of the day! I had the one here in Dubai, and I loved it. Nice to know they kept their standards for this popular drink.

This cafe deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

I ordered the cheese panini for 22DHS, and the iced cappuccino for 18DHS.

The pricing of the dishes are the same prices as the Canadian menu – so it’s inexpensive.

The service that I received here was great as the staff members were good at getting my orders, but the food took a while to be ready.

The ambience was comforting as it was the same logo as the ones back in Canada. The decor of this restaurant definitely reminds me of the ones back home. It was good that they kept everything the same!
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