Yin & Yang – Dubai

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My review for Yin & Yang – here we go again. I don’t know why I still stop by these kind of places here. I get fooled by the name and the inner Canadian in me who wants to enjoy some non authentic Chinese food. I should listen to my foodie self more often from now on, as this place totally disappointed me. Nothing is authentic here, and they are trying to serve Italian dishes as well, so this restaurant is totally confused.

First, I want to talk about the pizza that is served in a Chinese restaurant. It was so strange, and the sauce was just overflowing off the pizza. I regretted ordering the pizza here, as I love pizzas at authentic Italian places.

My stir fried squid was oily, but the squid was cooked well. I found that the sauce was lacking flavours, but that is usually what you expect when you’re heading to a non authentic Chinese place. I will stick to my real chinese style stir fried squids at my favourite authentic Chinese restaurants in town.

Finally, my seafood rice was bland, and it was definitely not seasoned enough. There was a minimal amount of seafood in this dish, it was cut into small portion sizes, but that is because this dish is cheaper so they were basing the portion of the seafood on that.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the stir fried squid and vegetables for 31DHS, spicy seafood rice for 30DHS, and the margherita pizza for 29DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here are normal.

The service that I received here was decent, and the staff were good at getting orders and delivering food to the table on time.

The ambience of this restaurant was plain and the furniture is opposite of what is considered to be modern and sophisticated.

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