Sho Cho – Dubai

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My review for Sho Cho – This restaurant had all my favourites all in one place, which were the beautiful beachside view and the delicious Japanese food. I came here on a Friday, where the Friday NIGHT brunch was going on. I loved this concept because the brunch menu consisted of all popular Japanese starters, main courses, and dessert.

My favourite dishes were the prawn spring rolls, ceviche, tuna tataki, seared salmon, calamari salad, lobster with yellow chili sauce, and the coconut mochi dessert.

The prawn spring rolls were not just some ordinary spring rolls that you find at other Asian restaurants. These spring rolls were thin and long, and was filled with just prawn meat.


The ceviche was nice and the deep fried seaweed chips that came on the side was a great pairing for the fish. The king fish was fresh and had just the right amount of citrus flavours to keep the beautiful flavours intact.


The tuna tataki was so pretty to look at because it was made into a rose. The tuna was marinated perfectly and was seared to the right temperature. The yuzu miso sauce went well with the tuna.


I was obsessed with the calamari salad because the outer batter was seasoned wonderfully so it was not plain at all. The bed of Asian green salad the calamari was sitting on was fresh and tasty, especially with the lovely ginger sauce.


The lobster was the perfect size for a main course dish in a brunch menu because there were so many starters to try. The lobster meat was juicy and the flavours blew me away. Even though the yellow chili sauce is not really Japanese, I did not mind it at all.


Finally, I got to try the mochi that this restaurant offers and my favourite flavour was the coconut. The mochi was soft and the creamy coconut filling was so fragrant and sweet.


This cafe deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the Friday Night Brunch with open bar for 250DHS per person.

The pricing of the brunch here was just right for the quality of the drinks and food!

The service that I recieved here was perfect from start to finish. The servers were really on top of their game when it came to bringing the brunch items to the table. Our water glasses were always filled, and our drink orders were always coming to the table at the appropriate amount of time.

The manager, Mathieu, was an amazing host where he was excited for us to be a part of the dinner. Throughout our time here, he checked in on us 5 times and was always making sure that we were still happy with everything.

The ambience of the restaurant was gorgeous from the moment we saw it from the beach side. We sat outside because the weather is still bearable here in Dubai.


There was a live Dj performing classic hits and it really livened up the mood of the restaurant where everyone looked like they were having a blast.


Sho Cho - Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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