DownTown Café – Dubai

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My review for DownTown Cafe – a decent cafe that has amazing food and beverages with a comfortable, yet elegant ambience, that allows you to enjoy your time here with many classic boardgames and books to read. I love how there is no wifi, so you are able to disconnect and relax the old fashioned way.

I would like to start off with my favourite dish of the night which was the crunchy fried basa. This is a speciality dish and I can see why it is so special. The basa was cooked perfectly and I just love how soft and creamy it was. The fish was seasoned wonderfully and it was an absolutely delicious dish.


The pesto prawns were another speciality dish and it was on the same standards as the crunchy fried basa. This is by far one of the best prawns that I had here in Dubai. The pesto sauce was outstanding and made my tastebuds dance with joy.


I was happy with my vegetarian pasta dish as it was not plain at all. I have come across some plain and boring pasta dishes since I stopped eating meat, and this cafe was able to change my perspective on pasta. The sauce was tasty and had just the right amount of creamy texture to it. I was glad to see that the sauce wasn’t overpowering the pasta at all.

Finally, the last dish I want to mention is the dessert that I had, which was the creme brulee. I loved how the server caramelized it in front of you at the table, and the flavours of it were all there!


This cafe deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the crunchy fried basa for 20DHS, orly prawns for 28DHS, pesto prawns for 35DHS, seafood coconut soup for 25DHS, olive & tomato omelette for 20DHS, vegetarian DT flakes & flames pasta for 35DHS, creme brulee for 18DHS, sizzling brownie mix for 22DHS, cold Americano for 12DHS, and the pistachio smoothie for 22DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here are worth every fil for the portion and quality of the food.

The service that I recieved here was amazing as our server was very attentive and always keeping an eye on our table to make sure our experience is perfect.

The ambience was cozy all around with warm colours and lighting to keep you relaxed throughout the whole time you’re here. I love how comfortable the chairs were and the large bookcase with quite a few selection of good reads and classic boardgames. It is very easy to spend a lot of time here without the need of looking for wifi to keep yourself entertained.


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