Fatayer Ala Keefak – Dubai

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My review for  Fatayer Ala Keefak – I have always been keen on fatayer and manakeesh dishes since I have arrived to Dubai as it is a light dish withgreat flavours. I am obsessed with pastries and this shop has many options for me to enjoy.

The egg manakeesh that I had was dry. The egg on top did not do much to the dryness of the dough and there was little amounts of egg in this dish. The portion size was great but more seasoning on the egg and adding more egg to the manakeesh would have made this dish better.


The slightly better dish tonight was the omelette fatayer as the eggs in this dish was seasoned more than the first dish that I had and it was more flavourful. The fatayer was a perfect size and was delicious.


The margherita pizza here was a pizza with just cheese as the topping. Most of the time when I order the margherita pizza elsewhere, there are tomatoes or basil on top so it isn’t just a plain cheese pizza. This restaurant should rename this pizza to “cheese pizza,” as that was what it was.


Finally, my grilled falafel wraps were actually enjoyable as the falafel were moist and not dry like most of the falafels that I had in the past. The sauce was great and the wrap was a decent size.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

I ordered the egg manakeesh for 8DHS, margherita pizza for 10DHS, grilled falafel wrap for 10DHS, and the omelette fatayer for 7DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here are definitely pocket friendly and great for the bigger portion sizes.

The service that I recieved here was fast and easy. The food came out quickly, while the drinks were a tad bit slower to come out.

The ambience was a small place with no seating available. This is because this restaurant focuses on takeaway and deliveries.

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