Kaftan – Dubai

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My review for Kaftan – specializing in Ottoman and Turkish cuisine, this restaurant was able to offer authentic breakfast dishes for me to enjoy. With a unique ambience, you are able to enjoy your meals here in a fully air conditioned clear tent.


The soslu kizartma, (deep fried organic vegetables), was good, but I found it to be too heavy for a breakfast item. It is probably because I am not Turkish, so I am used to the lighter food items. The vegetables were tasty but this was the first time having fries for breakfast for me and most likely the last time.


The su boregi, (phyllo pastry with cheese and parsley), was good and very filling. The pastry itself was thin and was appealing. The turkish cheese was thick and creamy and the added parsley brought more flavour to this pastry.


My favourite dish would have to be the sef’in simit’i, (sunny side up eggs served in a circular sesame bread), as I love having eggs for breakfast. It was too bad there was beef under the eggs, but I was able to pick at this dish to enjoy it without getting any beef on my fork. The presentation of the bread and eggs was unique as the eggs were served sunny side up inside a bread bowl. The added salad gave a nice colour balance for the presentation.


Finally, the bal & kaymak, (fresh honeycomb with thick dairy cream), was something that I never had in my life before. I have never ate a honeycomb before, and now I wished I had sooner as the sweet flavours were more strong this way. I viewed this dish as a dessert dish as I loved the natural sweetness in the honeycomb.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the soslu kizartma for 30DHS, su boregi for 35DHS, menemen for 35DHS, sef’in simit’i for 35DHS, and the bal & kaymak for 40DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was excellent and very reasonable for breakfast.

The service that I recieved here was professional from all of the staff members. The manager greeted us kindly and the server was on top of delivering our foods to our table at a good pace

The ambience of the restaurant was interesting as there was a clear tent with air conditioning in the garden overlooking the top part of the Burj Al Arab hotel. It was a nice change in scenery to be eating around trees. The interior of the restaurant was beautiful as well with fine art pieces around.


Kaftan Turkish Cuisine & Fine Art Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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