Lemon Pepper – Dubai

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My review for Lemon Pepper – I am glad to have found this hotel and restaurant as I have not heard of the name while living in Dubai, and I am here to spread the word about it, as everything was done beautifully here.

This was the first place for me to try a new cheese that I have not seen or heard of before – the shial. The presentation of it was intriguing as it looked stringy and almost like garlic. The taste of it however, was a bit too salty for my liking, but that is how the cheese is naturally like, so for those who like salty cheeses, this is the dish to try.


My other favourite dishes from the cold mezze section of the buffet was the seafood salad, fatoush, and the beetroot hummus. The seafood salad was delicious and I was glad to see that there was quite a bit of seafood in the salad, rather than just one or two in a pile of greens. I was very impressed with the beetroot hummus as I already love the flavours of regular hummus, but this one was different since you can taste the wonderful flavours of the beetroot vegetable.


For the hot dishes, I loved the yellow rice, vegetable moussaka, garlic roasted potatoes, fish charmula, potato onions, and the cheese fatayer. Not sure what spices were mixed in to make the yellow rice, but all I have to say is that I loved it. I don’t normally enjoy rice, but this rice dish was very nice. The fish charmula was cooked perfectly, and the fish itself was so flavourful.


Finally, I loved most of the dessert options from the buffet. There was a good mixture of arabic and western desserts present. I enjoyed the qatayef, blueberry cake, rice pudding, tiramisu cake, and the umm ali. All of these were perfectly sweet, and finished my dinner off nicely.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the Iftar buffet for 120DHS.

The pricing of the buffet here was wonderful for all of the dishes offered.

The service was a little slow, and it was probably because we were sitting off to the side of the restaurant. Our table had a few dirty plates sitting around for a while until we finally got a server’s attention to clear the plates.  

The ambience of this restaurant was very inviting and the warm colours were very nice to be around. The buffet stations were set up nicely with clean labelling of each item on the tables. This restaurant is located inside the M hotel.


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