Sugar Factory – Dubai

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My review for Sugar Factory – I have heard about this well known restaurant and candy store from social media accounts featuring Kylie Jenner who was at the Los Angeles grand opening. I was then excited to learn that there were restaurants here in Dubai, and I finally had the chance to bring out my inner child and indulge myself in the food, unique drinks and dessert that are offered here.

I loved the goblets that was served here. The presentation of each one was absolutely adorable and they were huge! I love how it was prepared table side so the dried ice was dancing away nicely. The drinks were sweet and thirst quenching from the hot weather outside.


From the sampler platter, I really enjoyed the fried mac and cheese. It was something different, the dough on the outside was soft and the inside was filled with delicious creamy mac and cheese.


My favourite meal of the dinner would have to be the savoury shrimp crepes. The crepe was thin and the filling was so good. I loved the spinach and shrimp combination, the spinach was so fresh and the sauce was perfect.


Now onto my favourite part of dinner – dessert!! I was obsessed with the apple pie waffles. I love the flavours of the traditional apple pie, but served in waffle form was amazing. The apples were caramelized perfectly, the waffles were soft, and the ice cream was yummy.


The key lime pie was outstanding. The rich flavours of the lime were strong in the pie, and the crust was beautiful. It was served alone with some whip cream and raspberries, but the pie alone was already so great that it did not need anymore to it.

Finally, I have to mention the bananas foster ice cream sandwich. This is hands down my new favourite dessert. I was amazed at how strong the banana flavours were, and the cookies making the sandwich went perfectly with the banana flavoured ice cream.


Oh and one more thing – I got the chance to try one of the insane milkshakes here. I got the cheese burger and bacon one – didn’t eat the real cheese burger and bacon served with it, but did drink the milkshake. And wow it was definitely an insane looking milkshake, with a nice creamy taste to it.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the lollipop passion goblet drink for 89DHS, berry bliss goblet for 79DHS, white gummi for 79DHS, coconut chocolate joy martini for 35DHS, sampler platter appetizer for 55DHS, savoury shrimp crepes for 60DHS, fried seafood platter for 129DHS, apple pie waffles for 45DHS, red velvet pancakes for 44DHS, key lime pie for 38DHS, bananas foster ice cream sandwich for 38DHS, and the barbie milkshake for 35DHS.

The pricing of the dishes was reasonable for everything that I recieved.

The service was excellent where the staff members were professional, friendly, and were well trained. I loved how organized each server was and how the beverages came first, and the food coming out quickly after.

The ambience of the restaurant was beautiful and modern. I loved how we were able to see the candy store upon entering to the right. The decor was elegant, and the pictures of the celebrities on the walls was a nice fit as this is a well known place in Los Angeles. This restaurant was in a very good location at City Walk with outside seating available.


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