Hard Rock Cafe – Dubai

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My review for the Hard Rock Cafe – this well known restaurant exists all over the world in forms of restaurants, hotels, and casinos. I first experienced the hard rock food in Orlando, United States. I loved it there, and I just had to see what the one in Dubai is like.

The menu is just what I expected as there are typical American dishes that make this place so great. I am a sucker for mac and cheese, it is my go to comfort food, and I survived on it while I was in University. I decided to try the twisted mac and cheese here, and I would have to say it did hit the spot well. This dish was definitely heavenly, as I haven’t had dishes like this for a while.

The veggie leggie burger was yummy! I am glad there was a vegetarian burger for me to enjoy as I do not consume beef. The vegetables were grilled properly and the vegetarian patty was juicy.

Finally, I finished off with my favourite part of dinner, dessert. The fresh apple cobbler was absolutely divine, as the apples were so thick, and full of spices making the apples dulcified.

The rating I am giving the Hard Rock Cafe is 4.5/5

I ordered the twisted mac, the veggie leggie burger for 49DHS, and the fresh apple cobbler for 44DHS.

I believe that the pricing of the dishes here was appropriate and typical for this well known restaurant.

The service that I received was over the top, and the food came out in a good amount of time.

The ambience of the restaurant was consistent with their theme. There were famous musicians pictures and musical instruments decor all over, giving the restaurant that hard rock and roll atmosphere. I loved the environment of this restaurant so much, it just lived up to what they are famous for.

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