Shogun – Dubai

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My review for Shogun – a decent restaurant where I was able to enjoy Thai, Korean, and Japanese cuisine all in one sitting.

I did not try any of the best selling hot pots and barbecue dishes as I am not a huge fan of it, so I ordered dishes off the menu that were cooked by the kitchen.

This restaurant needs to offer their dessert options again because I was looking forward to it as I saw a page of desserts but the restaurant only offers ice cream and fruits.

Anyways, moving onto the food review.

The seafood japchae, also known as glass noodles, was delicious. Glass noodles are my favourite Korean dish to order. The glass noodles were soft and the sauce was even throughout the whole dish. The seafood that was added to the dish was a mixture of squid and shrimp, which were cooked perfectly.


The regular sashimi did not come until the end of my dinner as the server completely forgot about it. I kept reminding her, but never received it until I was almost full. The sashimi was fresh but the toro was sliced too thick which made it hard to chew and eat.


The shrimp pha naeng, or known as red curry, was flavourful. The curry was too thick for my liking though as I’m used to curries from other Thai restaurants that are light.


Finally, the shrimp pad Thai was perfect. The sauce was rich and was delicious. This is my favourite dish at any Thai restaurant, so I was glad that the one served here did not disappoint me. There was a lot of shrimp which was a bonus.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the seafood japchae for 60DHS, regular sashimi for 85DHS, shrimp pha naeng curry for 55DHS, and the shrimp pad Thai for 50DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here were usual for this type of Asian cuisine.

The service that I received here was excellent where our server was very attentive, but I wished she had written our order down as she forgot many dishes and had to remind her many times.

The ambience of this restaurant was what you would expect for a place that serves Japanese and Korean cuisine. There were some private rooms that can seat 10 people. The tables had a stove to barbecue and cook hot pot.


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