LaVie Clinic – Fillers & Botox

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Check out LaVie Clinic on their website to get more information: Followow their Facebook page: @LaVieClinicUAE, and follow their Instagram to see real life procedures and pictures: @lavieclinic. Call 0568871300 for inquiries and booking.

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My review for LaVie Clinic – If you paid close attention to my face in person or some of my pictures, you’ll know that I have deep under eye circles that makes me look like I’m more tired than I actually am or that I am feeling ill. I would always have to use so much concealer to cover it as much as I can.

Another issue that I have is when I look down at my phone or a book, I would frown in such a unattractive way and this has lead me to having deep frown lines. I did not notice it until my husband pointed it out and I knew I had to get rid of them because it did not look appealing and aged me quite a bit!

Below is my before shot.

I was able to fix both of these problems at the beautiful LaVie Clinic here in Dubai in the Jumeirah area. I was fortunate enough to catch Dr. Dara because she is only here for 6 days and the next time she will be back will be in September. I was already comfortable upon meeting her for the first time because she was friendly and was very descriptive of the procedures that she will be performing on me.

Dr. Dara told me that she uses a new method of injections where there will be no blood, no pain, no bruising, and no swelling, along with way less discomfort compared to the old method that some doctors still use to this day, where multiple pricks are made to inject the fillers. The new method uses a blunt microcannula needle where only one injection site is used for the whole treatment area.

The product that she used was called juvederm volbella which will allow the fillers to last up to 2 years! My previous fillers lasted only a year when I got them done somewhere else, so I am excited to not have to be getting these fillers for a while and just live my life feeling beautiful.

Below is my immediate after shot. No more lines!!

This clinic and doctor deserves a rating of 5/5.

The treatment that I had was the microcannula fillers for my under eyes and frown lines, and botox on my frown lines.

The service that I received here was marvelous where the receptionist and VP of the clinic greeted us with warm smiles.

The ambience of this clinic was classy and elegant which suited the atmosphere of what Dubai is known for which is luxurious.

Most of the procedure rooms were located upstairs and on the lower level, a day care surgery center is under construction for future minimal surgeries to be done at the clinic.

  One thought on “LaVie Clinic – Fillers & Botox

  1. July 9, 2018 at 12:35 pm

    Your article is worth reading. This reminds me of my experience in All England Practice. My face looks a bit younger now and I am happy with it.


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