Samurai Sushi and Grill – Dubai

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My review for Samurai Sushi – this was a mediocre restaurant for me to get a quick sushi fix. The flavours and type of food here was inspired by Japanese dishes but I found that it was not authentic. The seasoning and sauces were no where near to what you would see at a real Japanese restaurant, but each dish here had its own unique flare for me to get through dinner with.

The salmon salad was not enjoyable for me as the dressing was way too salty. I ordered this because I usually enjoy the salmon salad elsewhere so I thought I would give this place a try. The salmon and avocado, including the bed of greens were fresh despite the briny dressing.


The king fish yaki was a larger portion than what I expected, I was thinking that it would come as skewers as that’s how most Japanese grilled dishes are served like. The king fish was grilled nicely, where it was the perfect temperature throughout the fish. The sauce did not go well with the fish, a creamy sesame sauce would have been better and more closer to what Japanese restaurants would serve.


The sauteed lobster was sadly overcooked and the flavours of the lobster and the vegetables were totally different from one another, it was as if it was sauteed in two different sauces which I found that it didn’t go well together.


My favourites of the night were the salmon and tuna sashimi as nothing could really go wrong with these and it was the most Japanese item that I ordered.


The rating I am giving this restaurant is 3.5/5.

I ordered the salmon salad for 38DHS, king fish yaki for 30DHS, sauteed lobster with lemon dressing for 56DHS, salmon sashimi for 42DHS, and the tuna sashimi for 40DHS.

I believe that the pricing of the dishes here was inexpensive for the amount of seafood served here and reasonable for the portion sizes.

The service that I received was not as good for when we arrived as it was not busy yet. The server did not pour our water glasses for us, she just simply placed the large bottle of water on the table and walked away quickly.

The drinks took a while to arrive to the table because the fresh fruits had to be cut, but that showed that the juices here were actually fresh. The food came out at a steady pace, which was nice.

The ambience of the restaurant was bright and easy on the eyes with the nice contrast of green and blue colours. This restaurant had two floors with plenty of tables. The kitchen was exposed through a window in the back, which was nice to see where you can see the action behind the scenes.


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