Armani Mediterraneo – Dubai

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My review for Armani Mediterraneo – when you think of Armani Hotel, you think of luxurious and classy. I decided to try out the Mediterraneo restaurant and this was the first time ever being in this hotel.

The buffet experience was not too bad but there were many unfortunate events that happened throughout the night that made me leave with a frown and I am now seeing this place and the hotel as unprofessional and absurd.

The buffet selection was good, with a variety of items, but some of the items were rather plain and basic.

Let’s start off with the items I enjoyed. I enjoyed the seafood items the most of course, which were the crab legs, smoked salmon, unagi, whole salmon, creamy polenta, and the seabass.


The items that I found needed work were the cold shrimp, squid salad, herring salad, and the funghi pizza.

The cold shrimp did not have any sort of marinating or seasoning on it. This is the first time I’ve seen shrimp served like this at a buffet.


The squid salad looked nice but taking a few bites, the squid was chewy and was not appetizing at all. I believe it was undercooked so it definitely was not ready to be out for customers to eat.


The herring salad was something I wanted to try because it looked unique and interesting. The herring was not tasty though, where the skin on it was just slimy and hard to swallow.


Finally, the funghi pizza was dry and the there were barely any funghi on the pizza. Pizzas served at buffets are usually more dry as it is sitting around for a while.


The rating I am giving this restaurant is 2.5/5.

I ordered the regular buffet dinner with soft package for drinks.

I believe that the pricing of the buffet here was strange and expensive because not even water is included in the basic buffet price.

The service that I received was terrible. The servers never said hello when they approached our table, they only asked, “would you like water” and we automatically said yes. It was not until the server was about to pour the water, when the on shift manager came to the table to greet us and asked if we wanted anything to drink. We then asked what is included with the buffet price and he said nothing is, and that the water that the server was pouring is extra money. The server should have been the one to ask if we wanted to pay for water or get the soft drinks package at the start. This would confuse a lot of people because so far, all of the 5 star buffets I’ve been to have the drinks included with the first buffet basic price. With not even water being included, and that the basic price comes with only the buffet food, it made this restaurant and hotel look absolutely cheap.

In the middle of our dinner, the manager came over again, and asked if we had any feedback. He took our feedback and wrote it down but he decided to call the head chef over to our table and the chef was very ignorant where he did not care too much about our feedback. He was very defensive and he did offer us to order something special to make up for the bad experience, but in the end, he said he will still have to charge for the special ordered items.

The end of our dinner did not get any better, where the manager snapped at us when we were trying to figure out our bill. He was very rude and did not even try to apologize for our horrible time here. He handed our cheque to us without a smile or a thank you. This appalled me because I expect better from this 5 star hotel.

The ambience of the restaurant was modern and the dim lighting made this place more comfortable and romantic. Located in the Armani Hotel, the outdoor seating had amazing views of the Souk Al Bahar and the Dubai fountains in the distance. Directly above, you can see the Burj Khalifa at a different angle which was interesting.


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