Aji – Iftar Preview – Dubai

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My review for Aji – Ramadan is a month away, which means the restaurants in Dubai will be serving various foods for Iftar! I had a chance to attend a preview of the Iftar tasting session and I must say that it did not disappoint!

I was basically fasting all day because I was too busy to eat so once I arrived at Aji, I could not wait to devour the delicious items that is on the Ramadan menu.

This place was a pescatarian’s heaven because the seafood options were spectacular and there were so many different flavours that I had to try as many items as my stomach could handle.

The Ramadan menu has one soup, two starters, one main course to choose from out of three options, and dessert.

The miso soup was simple but delicious. The soup had wakame and tofu, and tasted exactly what miso soup is known for.


The two starters were maguro tataki and kani maki. The tuna tataki came on a bed of green salad and lychee fruit. The maguro was slightly smoked to perfection and was delicious. I found this dish refreshing and the lychee fruit gave a wonderful acidic twist to the salad.


The second starter, the kani maki, was lovely. I loved every ingredient used to make the roll. This roll had crab meat, avocado, cucumber, unagi, masago, and teriyaki sweet sauce.


I got to try out all of the main courses, but I could not have the ribs because I do not eat meat. When you come in for Ramadan, you can choose one and the one that I would choose from trying them all out was the yakiudon shrimp. I loved how well the udon was prepared and how tasty it was. The large shrimp was a delight to see and even though they were plain, it went well with the already flavourful noodles.


Finally, the dessert was the last course, and it was a good one. The dessert was shiro miso mousse with sweet berries and balsamic, and tamarind ice cream.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the Iftar dinner preview.

The service was good where our server tried his best to explain each dish in detail and ensure that we were happy with our drinks and food the whole time.

The food took some time to come after each course, which was a little disappointing because it should have been a smooth experience.

The ambience of the restaurant was spectacular with both outdoor and indoor seating. The outdoor seating was quite beautiful with a view of the seaside and some of the Burj Al Arab in the distance.

We sat outside while we can still can before the hot summer arrives in Dubai.


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