She Burger – Dubai

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My review for She Burger I am usually skeptical when it comes to dining in at a burger joint as usually there aren’t any seafood items for me to have. This place had just enough of seafood items for me to try out the flavours and quality. The verdict – it was not bad at all!

Starting from just a home delivery business, the owner was so successful with this concept that she decided to open up a restaurant. With many locals loving her food, and from what I saw, there was a full house full of Emiratis enjoying her delicious burgers and homemade sauce.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant for my fellow expats that loves quality burgers. The same goes for the various starters that I had, which were unique and tasty.


The just eat me was shrimp tossed with tropical pineapple sauce. The sauce was creamy and absolutely stunning. The shrimp was perfectly cooked, and the portion size of this starter was enough for two people.


The holy grail was definitely a beautiful site for me to see as I love shredded potatoes. The shredded potatoes were mixed with bacon, cheese, beetroot, and jalapenos. I could only eat the outside layer of this dish as I can’t have bacon, but the flavours reminded me so much of the well known hickory potato chips.


The next dish that I would love to share with you all, is the shark bite burger. I was so happy to see a seafood option from the burger section, so I just had to give it a try. The fish was seasoned wonderfully with just the right amount of crispy batter on the outside. The homemade sauce was light but full of flavour.


My favourite dish of the night was the crunchy crab salad. I have been doing so well with my diet lately, and I have been on the hunt for some tasty but healthier options when I dine out. The crab salad had a Japanese twist to it where edamame beans, nori, and tobiko were present.


Finally, I had just a tiny bite of dessert to get an idea of what each tasted like. The one worth mentioning was the say cheese, where the soft cheese cake was topped with homemade chocolate crunch and berries along with crunchy flakes. The cheesecake was sweet and lovely, and the chocolate crunch was so good, that I wish I could buy it alone to take home with me.


The rating I am giving this restaurant is 5/5.

I ordered the just eat me for 60DHS, holy grail for 48DHS, sweet potato fries for 28DHS, shark bite burger for 35DHS, crunchy crab salad for 59DHS, she got it right for 40DHS, and the say cheese for 45DHS.

I believe that the pricing of the dishes here was just right for a burger place.

The service that I received was excellent where the staff members were friendly and hard working. Our drink orders were taken quickly at the start while we were settling into our seats. Shortly after, the manager greeted us and was great at explaining the history of the place and a bit about the owner’s vision behind it.

Our food arrived in a timely matter to our table, and each one was at the perfect temperature. Our beverages were never empty, which was wonderful and our finished plates were cleared quickly.

The ambience of the restaurant was lively and eye catching with the large wooden sign against red light. The interior had quite a bit of seating and even though it was casual, it felt upscale with the amazing decor and lights.


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