Boulevard Kitchen – Dubai

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My review for the Boulevard Kitchen – seafood buffets are my favourite type of buffets to attend because it is the only type of protein that I eat.

The seafood buffet happens every Thursday night at the lovely Manzil Hotel in downtown Dubai. With a large selection of fresh seafood on display ready to be either grilled or steamed, I was happy to have an unlimited amount of seafood to enjoy for dinner.


The items from the buffet that I really enjoyed were the squid and mango salad, fresh oysters, octopus salad, lasagna pasta made in the parmesan wheel, grilled lobster, and the fruit jelly.

The squid and mango salad was a lovely start to my dinner where the mango’s acidity really brought out the beautiful flavours of the squid meat.


The fresh oysters were a beautiful site to see as I love oysters. I have always been iffy about eating oysters from a buffet because it is sitting out but these were on top of ice and was cleaned thoroughly. I was glad to have not tasted any bits of rock or shell, which I sometimes encounter.


When I walked by the parmesan wheel, the aroma of the hot pasta inside just drew me in, inviting my taste buds to grab some and try. The pasta was thin and al dente. The marinara sauce was thick and the parmesan tied it all together beautifully.


Finally, the fruit jelly was my favourite item that I had from the dessert section. The fruit on top of the jelly was fresh and sweet, while the jelly which tasted a whole lot like lychee was amazing.


The rating I am giving the Boulevard Kitchen is 4/5.

I ordered the Thursday seafood buffet with house beverages for 325DHS.

I believe that the pricing of the buffet here was well worth it with the large selection of seafood items and different cocktails offered with this package.

The service that I received was slow going from the moment we sat at our table. We wanted a bigger table for a group of 4, but the assistant manager refused to give us that and had us sat in a dark corner with a small table.

The server did not come to our table at all until 10 minutes later to finally ask if we wanted water to start off with.

Once the food and beverage manager came to greet us and we addressed our concerns, the service and the new table that we were sitting at was much more suitable.

The ambience of the restaurant was dim and chic. We entered from the hotel side, where we were exposed to the dessert section of the buffet first. The buffet stations were brightly lit and was put together very nicely.


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