Coffeetea Fusion Café – Dubai

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My review for Coffeetea I stumbled upon this cute coffee shop while I was visiting the waterfront market in Abu Hail. I am huge coffee fanatic and with the long day that I had, it was nice to unwind here with a couple of very good friends.

The manager was very passionate about the different tea flavours served here and brought out all of the sample tea leaves for me to get an idea of the aroma of each. He even asked me to guess, but I couldn’t get any right because I don’t drink much tea!


The mocha served here was perfect for my tastebuds. I had it cold instead of the usual hot ones that I get so often.


As I was drinking my coffee, I started to feel hungry, so I decided to look at the food options served here. The vegan heaven burger was a delight as I haven’t really had a proper burger since I’ve became a pescatarian. The veggie patty was thick and juicy. The burger had lettuce and avocado mash inside which were just marvelous and it came with a side of fries.


The rating I am giving this restaurant is 4.5/5.

I ordered the mocha for 19DHS, and the vegan heaven burger for 27DHS.

I believe that the pricing of the dishes here was affordable and perfect for the portion sizes.

The service that I received was lovely where every staff member was super enthusiastic about coffee and the products served here.

The ambience of the restaurant was modern and bright with a lot of seats available to enjoy a cup of coffee alone or with great company playing a few classic board games. This restaurant had a great view of the seaview here at the waterfront market. I came here later in the evening, so I did not see the view, but from pictures, I can see how amazing it would look if you come here when the sun is still out.

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