Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor – Iftar – Dubai

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My review for Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor – Ramadan is approaching quickly and this is the time when I get invited to many iftar previews and share my experience with all you fellow readers. This well known restaurant created a special Iftar menu consisting of both Indian and Arabic cuisines and I found that it was not too bad but could be better.

I had the vegetarian options from the iftar menu and each of the dishes had its own unique flare but there were a few that stood out.

For the starters, I had the zatar sumac spiked cottage cheese, rajma chawal poppers, and the makai tilnaz. My favourite was definitely the zatar sumac with cottage cheese, as the flavours went really well with each other.


For the main course, I had the pudina paneer zatar khaas, oven baked potatoes with cherry tomatoes all accompanied with lalla mussa dal, vegetarian biryani, and roti.

My favourites from the main course were the pudina paneer zatar khaas, where the paneer was stuffed with the zatar khaas which was absolutely flavourful. This was a new combination for my taste buds and it was lovely. The dal was the second best where it was made perfectly and went well with the two different breads.


There were six different dessert dishes, but I skipped this part as I try to drop as much sugar as I can when I’m eating out. The desserts were dates and mango phirnee, saffron milk balloon, reduced milk layered crispy bread, coco lychee blast, mahalabia, and the good old kunafa.


The rating I am giving this restaurant is 3.5/5.

I ordered the iftar menu for 129DHS.

I believe that the pricing of the menu here was just right for the amount of cold mezze, starters, main courses, and lots of dessert.

The service that I received was not good at all. Even though we were sitting at a communal table, the servers only paid attention to the group as a whole and only worried about delivering the food to the table in a timely matter.

The servers were horrible at paying attention to individual requests. I asked for an orange juice at the start of the dinner and throughout the whole time dining here, the other guests received their drink orders except for myself. I reminded him a few times and he would say okay and rush fast to the kitchen. When he came back, he was empty handed again so I reminded him once more. He came back with a Pepsi for another guest and that was when I was furious and told him that he brought out other people’s drinks orders, and I asked for mine ten times now! It was when I raised my voice a bit, was when he actually got my juice and this was after the main course. This was absolutely ridiculous.

The ambience of the restaurant was elegant as always and with the extra Ramadan decorations, it made it look much more festive and beautiful. This restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Melia Hotel in the Bur Dubai area.

We sat outside at the communal table where the smoking shisha area was. There was very little ventilation here and for shisha it was okay, but when the rack of smoked lambs came out smoking at the table, it was very suffocating and difficult for me to be in this little area.


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