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My review for New Shanghai – Are you a xiao long bao fanatic? This new restaurant in the Dubai Mall serves a few different types for you to choose from where you can see the chefs preparing it in the viewing window at the front.

Unfortunately, I was unable to have any as there were not any seafood or vegetarian ones. I loved the crab xiao long bao served at the well known restaurant, Din Tai Fung, so it was disappointing that this place did not have the crab meat alone, instead it was mixed in with chicken.

Looking through the menu, I was able to find some prawn dishes to enjoy but I wished there could be more different seafood options other than a whole fish and clams. I got pretty tired of the prawns after eating the third prawn course.

I had one dish that did not have any prawns, which was the salt and pepper calamari. This dish was not that good to look at as the calamari pieces were huge and it almost looked like shrimp chips. Once I took a bite though, it was much better than it looked but could use less oil.


The crunchy noodles and shrimp salad was interesting and this is one of the dishes that I usually order when I’m at a westernized Shanghai restaurant in Canada. The noodles were a bit soggy when it arrived to the table and was no longer crunchy which is the way I love it. The shrimp was evenly cooked and was marinated nicely nonetheless.


The prawn wontons was my favourite dish as everything was executed perfectly. The wontons were juicy and the wonton wrapping was nice and thin. The peanut sauce drizzled on top was such a great touch as I love this sauce. Not only was there peanut sauce but the wontons were sitting on a bed of sesame sauce as well.


I was disappointed seeing the prawn dumplings when it arrived to the table because the presentation of this dish was plain with no garnish whatsoever to elevate the appearance of it. The dumplings were just placed on a plate and it just did not make them look good to eat. Taking a bite out of one was not too bad where the dumplings were juicy, but it was a bit plain and I used the XLB sauce provided on the table as well as some hot sauce to help boost the flavours.


Finally, the last item I want to mention is the mango pudding. I was excited to learn that this place serves this lovely dessert but even though it looked good, the pudding was not like the ones I enjoyed when I was in Asia. The pudding was separated from the mangoes, so it was more like a pana cotta pudding with sweet slices of mango and sauce on top. The mango puddings that are served in Asia have the whole pudding made out of mango and then condensed milk is poured on top.


The rating I am giving this restaurant is 3.5/5.

I ordered the salt and pepper calamari for 39DHS, crunchy noodles and shrimp salad for 44DHS, prawn wontons for 41DHS, prawn dumplings for 42DHS, king prawns for 71DHS, and the mango pudding.

I believe that the pricing of the dishes here was just right for the portions sizes.

The service that I received here was marvelous where our server, Rahul, was on top of his game when it came to getting our orders in and bringing the dishes to our table.

I was surprised on how fast the dishes came out, but that was a good thing as I was starving. Rahul was able to control the amount of dishes coming out so our table was not being spammed with dishes.

The ambience of the restaurant was perfectly filled with Shanghai inspired decor and it was just stunning to look at. There was a window at the front of the restaurant showcasing the chefs preparing the xiao long baos which was entertaining and interesting. Located near the atrium of the Dubai Mall, this restaurant definitely caught my eye as I was walking by.


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