Chateau Blanc – Dubai

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My review for Chateau Blanc Upon arriving to this restaurant, the first floor welcomed me with beautiful and decadent cakes, pastries, and cookies. Once we went to the second level with a breathtaking 180 degree view of the Umm Sequin area, I noticed from the menu that food is also served here.

The chia pudding was outstanding with the right amount of toppings to make it taste so good. There were coconut jelly, berries, and of course the chia seeds.


I was so happy with the parmesan crusted salmon because it was cooked just right. I enjoyed the crunchy texture on the salmon. The pasta underneath the salmon was tasty as well, with the right amount of garlic.


The rose flavour milk cake was very strong for flavours and it wasn’t something that I’m used to. This is a great dessert for those who love the flavours in rose milk. The rose milk was poured at the table, and I wished I controlled the amount poured in because the cake became too soggy for my liking.


I was thinking about the macarons that I saw before dinner downstairs throughout the whole dinner. When it finally came to dessert, I had to get all of the flavours to try. The macarons were picture perfect with a beautiful shell, the right amount of crust, and delectable filling. My favourite flavours were the watermelon punch, black and white, oreo, and the popstar.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the chia pudding for 53DHS, parmesan crusted salmon for 75DHS, rose flavour milk cake for 45DHS, triple chocolate mille feuille for 50DHS, and 12 macarons for 6DHS each.

The pricing of the dishes here were decent for the great portion sizes.

The service that I received here was wonderful as each staff member was very helpful at explaining the menu and the concept of the restaurant. The beverages took longer than expected to come to the table, but the food came out in the perfect amount of time.

The ambience of this restaurant was grand upon arriving as it was two floors and stood out compared to the restaurants beside this place. I loved seeing displays of the large and pretty cakes. I immediately went over to the glass counters filled with lovely pastries and desserts, and I was basically eating with my eyes at everything that I looked at.

The second floor had more tables and the large 180 degrees windows showed the perfect view of the Umm Sequin area, with the Burj Al Arab in the distance and of course, the beach. After sunset, the server asked if we wanted the roof opened, and we said of course as this is something you don’t see often. The roof opened up to expose the night sky with a few stars to see overhead.

The decor in this restaurant was filled with gold monkeys and green plants, so it felt like we were in the amazon or jungle. It was definitely remarkable to be dining around such unique decor.


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