Sushi Express Café – Dubai

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My review of Sushi Express Cafe – this little restaurant reminds me of the small and easy places to eat at in Tokyo where there were limited seats but the food was delicious. I found that the food was fresh and the presentation was stunning for each. Even though it’s an express cafe, the chefs took great care in making sure the dishes were up to a foodie’s standards.

The tuna ceviche was very appealing where the presentation of it was very precise and neat. The tuna were fresh and tasted just how it was supposed to. The lime on the tuna just made it more zesty and delicious.


The tuna tataki was amazing. The tuna was seared slightly so that only the outer part of the meat was cooked while the middle was rare.


The hamachi carpaccio was basically hamachi sashimi with a light sauce drizzled on top. The hamachi was sliced thinly so that was what made it different from the hamachi sashimi that is usually thicker.


The cheeky scallop roll was absolutely delicious. The roll was wrapped with rice and rice paper instead of being covered with sesame seeds so it actually made it more smooth to eat. The scallop was fresh and the avocado filling was a great touch.


I am so glad that I saved enough room for dessert as I wanted to try the different mochi flavours offered here. I tried all of the four flavours and my favourites were the green tea and strawberry. The mochi was cold, which is how they are supposed to be, and the filling was sweet and perfect.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the hamachi carpaccio for 39DHS, tuna ceviche for 31DHS, tuna tataki for 33DHS, cheeky scallop roll for 38DHS, and the mango, strawberry, matcha, and chocolate mochi for 10DHS each piece.

The pricing of the dishes served here was very well priced for a Japanese place and I found it cheap for the excellent quality of the dishes.

The service was wonderful with two staff members always around making sure that our dinner was doing perfectly. The beverages came out quickly and the same goes for the food.

The ambience of this restaurant was cozy and there was a mixture of both tables and booths. There were quite a few tables outside of the restaurant as well with a nice view of the Jumeirah Lakes Towers and the lake itself.


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