Tum Tum Asia – Dubai

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My review for Tum Tum Asia – Finally an Asian restaurant that serves vegetarian dishes so I didn’t have to worry about accidentally eating meat. This restaurant serves pan Asian dishes from many popular Asian countries.

There was a wall in the restaurant with different famous landmarks in Asia, and I saw one that is close to heart, which was the Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Seeing this made me excited because this is the country that my parents are from so I couldn’t wait to see what Cambodian dish was on the menu. However, after flipping page after page, I saw that there was no Cambodian dish at all, which disappointed me a whole lot as every other dish from the different Asian countries on the wall was on the menu.

I found that the flavours here were average and were not close to what I had experience when I was in Asia. I understand that this happens a lot in Dubai because the chefs try their best to cater to the flavour needs of what residents like to eat.

The lemongrass satay was lacking a lot of the actual lemongrass flavours. The only item that made this a lemongrass dish was the actual lemongrass sticks being used as the skewer sticks rather than using the generic wood ones. The soy and tofu was not firm enough so it was too soft for my liking.


The Shanghai takoyaki was not too bad but the filling could have used more chilli cheese and soy as I ate mostly fried batter. The sauce that came with this dish was tasty though.


I love laksa so much but the one that I had here was missing the spices that makes the laksa so special. I found it bland, and the only good thing was the firm tofu.


Finally, I had to see what the pad Thai was like and this was good. I found it a little bit too oily but the noodles were cooked perfectly, and the sauce was flavourful. There should have been some tofu added to mimick the egg in a regular pad Thai elsewhere, but this dish only had noodles, peanuts, and spring onions.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

I ordered the lemongrass satay for 29DHS, Shanghai takoyaki for 29DHS, singaporean laksa for 27DHS, and the pad thai for 35DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was what I was expecting for the pan Asian cuisine.

The service that I received here was excellent with our server paying close attention to our table.

The beverages came out quickly which was good, and the server was able to describe and present them in a professional matter. The food arrived at the table in the proper amount of time.

The ambience of this restaurant was modern and colourful and I liked the lights all around creating a starry effect. The decor and furniture was unique and tied the whole restaurant together nicely.


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