Volt Kitchen – Dubai

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My review of Volt Kitchen This restaurant takes traditional Japanese sushi rolls and adds a twist to them to make it look and taste unique. There were many dishes that I enjoyed, and a few that were a bit too weird for my taste buds.

The shrimp dumplings were my favourite out of the starters that I ordered. The dumplings were so flavourful with and without the sauce that came with it. The filling was juicy and seasoned perfectly.


I liked the dynamite shrimps and how it was presented. There was a good ratio of sauce on the shrimps which was good as most places put on way too much. The batter on the shrimp was thin and the shrimp inside was just wonderful.


The lobster sliders were not as good where there was more lettuce and sauce than the actual lobster meat. For the price of this dish, I guess it made sense to have very little lobster meat in between the buns. In the picture, there are two sliders because I ordered two, but the price is just for the one slider.


The volcano special had a nice presentation to it, but I found that all of the extra tempura flakes added on top to create a hill made these rolls dry. The sauce didn’t help too much, as it was absorbed into the outer tempura flakes, while the rolls itself had no sauce on it.


My least favourite roll was the crazy mozzarella roll. I am used to having cheese inside the roll, where it was subtle and tasted great, but for this roll, there was a lot of cheese melted on top. I found it too heavy for me to eat, and the mozzarella did not taste good with the crab roll and rice.


The best part of my dinner would have to be the desserts. All of the dessert dishes that I had were outstanding and I had no complaints.

The lotus milk cake was creamy, and the lotus flavoured milk was delicious. The cake itself was moist and the cream on top was the perfect amount.


The chocolate bomb was beautiful and a hot chocolate sauce was poured over it to melt the shell which exposed a bed of delicious chocolate fudge. The fudge was sweet, chewy, and I did a happy dance eating this.


Finally, the best for last. The fruit basket was absolutely stunning and I took so many pictures of it because it was just that beautiful. The fruit basket was 2 passionfruit shells cut in half and filled with strawberries, blueberries, and the passionfruit seeds. The combination of the fruits were so vibrant and delicious!


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the shrimp dumplings for 34DHS, dynamite shrimps for 47DHS, lobster sliders for 28DHS, volcano special for 47DHS, crazy mozzarella roll for 47DHS, Cheetos California for 41DHS, lotus milk cake for 37DHS, chocolate bomb for 48DHS, and the fruit basket for 37DHS.

The pricing of the dishes served here was reasonable for the portion sizes.

The service was excellent with our server, Juvy, making sure that we were enjoying every minute of our dinner. She was great at getting our orders, explaining what some of the dishes were, and was there when we needed her. However, it was a bit strange that the manager did not know we were coming though, as out of all the invitations that I had, he was the first to question my presence, which resulted in making me feel not welcomed.

The ambience of this restaurant was modern and sleek and being in the Jumeirah 3 area, it definitely looked like it belongs here. I actually loved the black on black colour theme as it made the colours of the food stood out more.


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