Crab Market – Dubai

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My review for Crab Market – dinner at this newly opened restaurant for me was marvelous. Every single seafood dish that I had was the best I had in a long time since I arrived to Dubai. With each seafood handpicked by the famous Russian chef himself, Vladimir Mukhin, I was very impressed at how fresh everything was.

The oysters that are served here are local fresh oysters from Fujairah. I tried four different types and each one was amazing. I am so used to eating oysters from the 5 star buffets in town, and they were never a good experience for me as it was not fresh. The ones served here was full of meat and I did not even use the sauces provided as the natural flavours were stunning.


I was very impressed with the cauliflower carpaccio. I was worried that it would be plain as I do not fancy cauliflower, but I was pleasantly surprised on how tasty it was and the combination of flavours was just divine. The parmesan and truffle made the cauliflower much more better.


The next dish I’m about to mention was literally tartare paradise as there was four different types of seafood served all different ways. This dish had scallop and papaya, tuna and avocado, salmon and mango, and langoustine and pomelo. It was very hard to choose a favourite as each one had the perfect combination of flavours. The different fruits really elevated each seafood and the acidity was just right.


I believe I may have found my new favourite type of crab meat here at Crab Market. I had the honor to devour live fresh kamchatka crab legs. I was stunned by the amount of meat these legs had and how flavourful it was. I never had to use any of the sauces provided as I loved the natural flavours of the crab meat. The legs were perfectly steamed where the meat was just falling off the shell.


I am already craving the dishes from this restaurant as I’m writing this blog and the last one that I wish I could be eating again tonight is the miso black cod. The black cod was so beautiful to look and the molecular pumpkin gnocchi was the perfect cherry on top. This restaurant has a pasta chef, and I’m glad I was able to have a bit of the gnocchi to get a sense of the talent he has.


The rating I am giving this restaurant is 5/5.

I ordered the fine de claire oyster for 15DHS each, belon oyster for 22DHS each, gillardeau oyster for 33DHS each, Portuguese rock oyster for 33DHS each, cauliflower carpaccio for 65DHS, classic tartare for 185DHS, live kamchatka crab legs for 70DHS/100grams, squid ink linguini for 130DHS, lobster laksa for 70DHS, and the black cod for 140DHS.

I believe that the pricing of the dishes here was such a good deal for the amount and type of seafood served!

The service that I received here was lovely where we were promptly greeted by the hostess. She quickly showed us our table and on the way, we were greeted by all of the restaurant staff members which made me feel very welcomed.

Our server, Princess, was a delight. She was able to explain each beverage and dish with full detail and was great at following requests.

The supervisor, Yasser, was friendly and was always checking in our table to make sure we were still very happy. He was easy to have a conversation with and his recommendations were on par to what my husband and I like to eat.

Finally, we met the GM, Ken, who was very passionate about this restaurant and we could really tell that he loved working here. It was nice to hear more about the head chef from him and it made the restaurant even more special.

The ambience of the restaurant was gorgeous. Located on the 15th floor of the Emirates Financial Tower building, this restaurant has the perfect view of the Burj Khalifa and the downtown Dubai area. I was ecstatic to see the fresh seafood on display at the front of the restaurant and seeing it all, made me so excited for dinner.


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