Loumi – Iftar – Dubai

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My review for Loumi – Ramadan is here which means iftar specials are served at many restaurants! I had the opportunity to attend a pre iftar buffet dinner at Loumi and the selection was quite large.

I enjoyed many items from the buffet and I was happy to see quite a bit of seafood options. I always struggled in the past at most iftar buffets elsewhere where the buffet selection contained mostly meat.

My favourites from the buffet were the smoked salmon, vietnamese shrimp salad rolls, spicy salmon sushi, and the thai seafood curry.

The smoked salmon was perfectly seasoned and smoked beautifully. I went back to the buffet a few more times during my dinner just to grab more smoked salmon.


I was very impressed with the vietnamese shrimp salad rolls as it was made differently. The one ingredient that made it stand out was the sesame seeds encrusted on the outer layer of the rice paper.


The spicy salmon sushi was tasty and I loved the amount of spice placed into this roll where it gave enough heat for me to enjoy it. The salmon was sliced into strips and this made it easier to eat as a whole. The best part was that no rice was on this roll, the salmon was rolled together in nori or dry seaweed.


Finally, my absolute favourite from the buffet was the thai seafood curry. I had this with the steamed rice and it was amazing for a main course. The curry was flavourful and the aroma of it made my mouth water. The amount of seafood in the curry was generous where shrimp, squid, clams, and fish were present.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the iftar buffet for 149DHS per person.

The pricing of the buffet here was great for the types of dishes served.

The service that I received here was a bit slow but it was because the restaurant was packed.

The servers walked by our table a few times where we had our finished plates ready for collection but they never did so until I waved one server over. I am letting this slide as it was busy and it was the first iftar buffet.

The ambience of this restaurant was set up perfectly for Ramadan with the doors welcoming fasting guests with the slogan, “Ramadan Kareem.”


To the right there was a large palm tree made entirely out of dates, which stood tall and was very beautiful.


The buffet was easy to follow where the cold mezze was the first items you see and as you make you way down, the hot mezze and main dishes are proudly displayed.

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