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My review for Itsu – Looking for a different cuisine to break your fast at? Itsu has an all you can eat sushi belt experience for 111DHS per person. I came here to get an idea of what the belt offered and there were quite a few items from different sushi rolls, sashimi, salads, and a few hot items.


I decided to order off the regular menu as I was in no hurry and wanted to try out the different dishes that was not on the belt.

The itsu sashimi platter was good where there were 30 pieces of various sashimi. The sashimi slices were a bit too thick but it tasted just fine.


I love unagi, or known as eel, so I had to try out the bonsai maki which had unagi wrapped on the outer layer of the sushi rice as well as unagi inside the roll. Avocado was the other main ingredient inside the roll, which I thought was a perfect combination with the unagi.


I was excited to see ramen on the menu and I was even more ecstatic to see that this restaurant had a seafood ramen as most places only have meat for their ramen choices. The broth was thick and delicious, but the noodles were not the thin ones that I see in normal ramen bowls. It was more like egg noodles, which made it less enjoyable for me. There was quite a bit of seafood in the soup, which included mussels, shrimp, squid, and fish. The fish was overcooked and I had to pick each one out to avoid biting into it again, which was not a good taste.


The desserts served here was a surprise as the presentation was not appealing but the actual flavours were amazing. The green tea sweety was my favourite even though I did not really know what it was and the server could not explain it either. It came to the table looking like it was just green tea ice cream, but as my spoon went deeper, I noticed there was a pudding underneath. With this, the dessert should have been called green tea pudding. The green tea flavours in the pudding was strong and I just loved that.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the itsu sashimi platter for 162DHS, bonsai maki for 48DHS, seafood ramen for 60DHS, green tea sweety for 22DHS, and the matcha waffles for 22DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was reasonable for sushi and the portion sizes were large.

The service that I received here was not good at all.

The restaurant had two servers working and one server was mainly helping out at the sushi belt. The other server handled the customers that were ordering off the menu.

Our server took some time to come to our table to get our orders and when we first arrived we placed our drink orders with a different server who forgot my guest’s drink order, while my drinks came after the food, which was disappointing.

Our table was filled with finished plates and none of the servers did anything about that. We needed more room as we had a lot of food, so we had to move the finished plates ourselves to the table next to us, and it was left there throughout the whole dinner.

The ambience of this restaurant was cozy and inviting with the sushi belt being the star of the restaurant. The overhead hanging giant bamboo lights were lovely and elevated the ambience of the place.


The table setup was a bit strange as the seats were super low and the tables were much higher so eating my ramen from their tall bowls was a hassle.

This restaurant is located inside the Marina Walk building, which I thought was a great location.

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