Times of Arabia – Dubai

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My review for Times of Arabia this restaurant has only been opened for one week now in the new Al Seef Mall area and the quality of the dishes here were already outstanding. With a view of the Dubai Creek, this restaurant has a lot to offer.

This restaurant does offer alcoholic beverages, so the listing on Zomato is currently inaccurate where it says no alcohol is available.

The beetroot salad was extremely fresh. It was not just beetroots in the salad but oranges and apples were added as well. The sesame seeds and honey dressing was light and perfect.


The smoked salmon salad was excellent for flavours but some of the salmon was over smoked so that was unappealing for me as I love smoked salmon and the texture of it. The smoked salmon was seasoned beautifully despite the over smoked salmon pieces.


The grilled prawns were perfect in every way. The prawns were huge so that was great to see as the price was high and there were about 6 pieces. The prawns came with a butter sauce, which I did not need to dip as often because I like the natural grilled flavours of the prawn.


Finally, the grilled lobster that I had was my favourite dish of the night. The lobster was massive and it was presented so beautifully with the lobster head. The lobster was grilled with mushrooms and cheese. The mushrooms was actually a surprise for me because it wasn’t listed on the menu in the description, but it actually was a great surprise as it added extra flavours to the already delicious lobster meat.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the beetroot salad for 37DHS, smoked salmon salad for 52DHS, grilled prawns for 130DHS, and the grilled lobster for 205DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was really good for the large portion sizes.

The service that I received here was wonderful as our server was very attentive to our table. He was really good at making sure that all of our requests were understood and that was reflected when we received the food.

The ambience of this restaurant was beautiful where it was right beside the creek so the terrace seating was the best in the house. The Deira skyline was stunning to see and the dhow boats cruising along the water was entertaining. The restaurant is located on the top floor with elegant arabian decor all over.

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