Jood Hotel – Iftar – Dubai

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My review for the Jood Hotel’s Iftar – the iftar experience buffet takes place in the lobby lounge area of the hotel.  The buffet selection was set up under a bright indoor tent, with a large salad selection, many middle eastern dishes, live cooking stations, and a table full of amazing looking desserts.

Each week, the buffet selection changes and unfortunately, I came during the week that had a small seafood selection. I had trouble finding main courses that were vegetarian or with seafood, as everything had meat inside.


I am going to start off with my favourite dishes from the salad station, since this section had much more seafood items. I enjoyed the shrimp cocktail, tuna and mango salad, and the corn and shrimp salad. Each of the salads were fresh and presented nicely.


Finally, I moved onto the huge dessert selection which I thought everything on the two dessert tables looked amazing. There was an even mix of Arabic and Western sweets but due to cutting out sugar in my life, I tried to only sample a few.

The two dessert dishes that I had a tasting of were the carrot halwa, and the black forest cake. Each of these desserts were moist, which was great as I try to stay away from desserts now a days due to dietary restrictions but these two were a great cheat meal fix.


This iftar buffet experience deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the iftar buffet for 149DHS.

The pricing of the buffet here was not too bad for the amount of items served.

The service that I received here was great where the servers were keeping their eyes out on each table to ensure that the guests were all happy.

Our server was wonderful at getting our arabic drinks to the table as we forgot to get them ourselves when we were up at the buffet getting food.

The manager, Sujit, was a great host where he welcomed us with a warm smile and explained the concept of this year’s iftar in detail.

The ambience of this iftar experience was setup with the traditional tent and it is located in the lobby lounge of the Jood Palace hotel. The buffet items were easy to follow with clearly labeled items and was very organized.


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