Hanoi Naturally – Dubai

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My review for Hanoi Naturally – I am still on the search for a decent authentic Vietnamese restaurant here in Dubai, and I have to say that after my meal here, this restaurant did meet my standards. The food did not taste like what I am used to having back in Canada where the Vietnamese places are well known and was super authentic.

The banh xeo was tough to eat where the yellow crepe was hard and this is not normal as I make these myself at home and had it elsewhere where the crepes are supposed to be soft and fluffy.


The next item that I had was the bun tom, also known as lemongrass marinated shrimp on a bed of vermicelli. The shrimp was marinated nicely but the sauce was not strong enough to enhance the vermicelli flavours. I had to drown my noodles in sriracha sauce to make it better.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 2/5.

I ordered the banh xeo for 26DHS, bun tom for 40DHS, and the glacier matcha frappe for 18DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was typical for a Vietnamese restaurant.

The service that I received here was slow and it was a disappointment because there were 2 staff members working, and they basically just sat there staring into space.

The ambience of the restaurant was outdated, with sticky table tops. This restaurant needs to keep up with their cleaning and clearing of dishes better.


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