Looshi’s – Dubai

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My review for Looshi’s – I was craving something sweet and decided to look on Zomato for some dessert delivery options. The pictures of this place caught my eye where the cakes are made in glass jars.


The key lime jar was a bit too sweet than what I am used to compared to the key lime pies I order elsewhere. The lime flavours were not as noticeable, which made me almost regret ordering this item.


The peanut butter smores jar was much better than the key lime and was actually enjoyable. I also thought that the peanut butter flavours were light, but the melted marshmallows made up for that. The cracker crumbs was a perfect touch.


I decided to try the macarons here by only ordering two single flavours. The appearance of the macarons were lovely, but it would have been nice for both of the macarons to be the same size. One was much bigger than the other. The raspberry macaron was the smaller one but the flavours were sweet and tarte. The white chocolate was delicious with a beautiful shell on it.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the key lime jar for 25DHS, peanut butter smores jar for 25DHS, single raspberry macaron for 6DHS, and the single white chocolate macaron for 6DHS.

The pricing of the dessert here was decent and a bit cheaper than some of the usual dessert places that I order from with cakes in jars.

The service that I received here was based on the delivery time since I ordered for takeaway online and I thought that the delivery timing was long. With the long delivery time, my order was also twenty minutes late coming to my door so that was disappointing.

Looshi's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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