Malolo Poke – Dubai

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My review for Malolo Poke – I have always been a fan of poke bowls as it is like a deconstructed sushi roll. It is much easier to eat where it’s much more healthier and tastier in my opinion.

With the different base choices, the bowl can meet my dietary requirements as I am trying to eat healthier. There’s an option to choose rice, brown rice, quinoa, mixed greens, or seaweed salad.


The first poke bowl that I had was with salmon and seaweed salad as a base. I got the same toppings for all of my bowls as these were my favourite items from the list. The toppings that I got were edamame, cashew nuts, mangoes, and jalapenos, where each one of these items were just right. The salmon was super fresh and was delicious and the seaweed salad was crunchy and perfect. The sriracha mayo sauce gave the bowl a kick in flavour and this bowl was definitely my favourite out of the three I ordered.


My second bowl was lovely and kept me satiated all day long. The half half option was definitely a better choice as I received two different types of protein and bases for the same price. I got the salmon and fresh crab with the quinoa and seaweed salad. The combination of flavours between the two different choices of protein and bases was interesting and I found it to go really well with each other. I mixed both of the sauces together where the wasabi cream and spicy tiger milk were delicious.


My final bowl was not as good as the first two where I found the mixed greens with the seaweed salad was not a good mix with each other. This was my own choice though, so I know now to not get this combination again. I found that the seaweed salad over powered the flavours of the simple mixed greens. The next time I order, I will ensure to just get the mixed greens on its own to really enjoy the bowl like a salad. The malolos special sauce was sweet, tangy, with a hint of spice which was really enjoyable for me.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the build your own bowl with salmon, seaweed salad and sriacha mayo sauce; half half bowl with salmon, fresh crab, quinoa, seaweed salad, wasabi cream sauce, and spicy tiger milk sauce; and the half half bowl with salmon, fresh crab, mixed greens, seaweed salad, wasabi cream sauce, and malolos special sauce.

The pricing of the poke bowls here was a bit more expensive than the competitions around town but the quality of the ingredients was way better here.

The service that I received here was easy going where I ordered takeaway from Zomato delivery and live tracking was available. I loved this option, as I can see where exactly my food is with the driver.

Malolo Poke Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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