Nine Squares – Dubai

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My review for Nine Squares – I rarely have hotpot as a meal and when I do, I usually get bored of it mid lunch or dinner. However, this restaurant really made it much more enjoyable as the options were much more suited to my picky tastebuds.

If you want to cook your own proteins and vegetables, while having a good time, this place is where you need to be.


The restaurant welcomed me with the rustic and charming decor plus the aroma of all of the hotpots boiling at the different tables was amazing.

My favourite pot was the Sichuan soup with rapseed oil as I love super spicy soups. You have a choice on how spicy you want the soup to be and I chose the medium spice as I want to enjoy myself rather than prove a point that I can eat really spicy food. The soup was flavourful and the aroma was just lovely.


I chose seafood items for my hotpot and each of the items was fresh and was not frozen at all. It was easy to cook each of the items where it literally only took a minute for each to be ready to eat once dipped into the hotpot.


My favourite item was the sweet potato noodles where I thought that it went so well with the Sichuan flavours. The noodles just absorbed all of the amazing flavours of the soup and I loved how it was a healthier alternative to the sodium based noodles or rice noodles.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the spicy twin hotpot with half tomato, and half sichuan rapeseed oil for 48DHS and 68DHS respectively with squid for 32DHS, crab for 24DHS, baby octopus for 32DHS, spinach for 16DHS, and the sweet potato noodles for 13DHS.

The pricing of the hotpot and items here was super affordable and the portion sizes of each item was huge to share.

The service that I received here was excellent where the server was always coming into the private room to check in on us.

The manager Lewei, was very accommodating and was ensuring that we knew what was best to order with our hotpot and even told us what the shabu shabu technique is.

The hotpot soups arrived fast to the table and was easy to control the temperature of the soup with the remote. The rest of the items to be cooked in the hotpot arrived at a steady pace.

The ambience of this restaurant was modern with vintage decor that really made you look twice to notice how detailed everything was. Located in the France cluster of International City, I was impressed on how beautiful the ambience was as most of the shops here need some more upkeeping.


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