Kanpai – Dubai

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My review for Kanpai – This restaurant really amazed me with every single dish that I had. I am and will always be a huge fanatic of Japanese food and I am so glad to have stepped into this place as it was pretty authentic in terms of flavours.

I really enjoyed the tom yum soup, it had strong Thai flavours which made it absolutely delicious. The lemongrass flavours were on point in the soup, and it was just a great start to the dinner.


The assorted sushi platter was massive and each and every piece in the platter was perfect. I loved the salmon sashimi the most as it tasted fresh and the slices were the right size. The sushi sandwich was unique and interesting and reminded me of the ones that I had in Japan.


Continuing with the massive a la carte menu choices, I had to get two more items that really stood out to me, which were the lobster dumplings and the black cod. The lobster dumplings were fried and filled with delicious lobster of course. There was a good amount of lobster in these dumplings.


The black cod was my main course and it was divine! The black cod just melted in my mouth which is why I love this dish so much. It was seasoned perfectly and the bed of snap peas underneath was tasty.


Finally, I was happy with the dessert choices but my favourite was definitely the green tea tiramisu. The green tea twist was way better than the regular coffee flavours in most tiramisu cakes that I’ve had.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the prawn tom yum soup for 49DHS, maki & sashimi platter for 175DHS, lobster dumplings for 68DHS, the black cod for 168DHS, and the green tea tiramisu for 48DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was good for the large menu selection, along with a great selection of house and special beverages.

The service was excellent with all of the servers on the shift working their hardest to ensure that everyone in the restaurant was doing good. Whenever we needed something, it was very easy for us to get a server’s attention. The food came out so fast which was perfect as I was so hungry.

The general manager was very friendly and she was an excellent host where she had a positive attitude throughout the whole evening.

The ambience was chic and the unique decor all around brought out wonderful Asian vibes.

This restaurant is located in Soul Al Bahar and everything about the interior of this place fitted in so well here.

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