Marble Slab Creamery – Dubai

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My review for Marble Slab Creamery – it was National Ice Cream Day a couple days ago so I wanted to celebrate one of my favourite days with some ice cream of course!

Marble Slab was one of my favourite ice cream shops back in Canada and this place is located near my apartment so I was able to use Zomato delivery to get the ice cream delivered to me!

The fudge brownie delight was supposed to be a sundae but when it arrived to my place, the presentation was already ruined and it looked like just ice cream mashed together. I could see that instead of bananas, strawberries were used for this sundae twist. The flavours were not too bad where there were little amounts amount of the actual fudge brownies that would have made it better if there was more present.

My original ice cream cup was a big mess where all of the ice cream was melted together. If this place is wanting to do delivery, they need to pack it with ice so that it does not melt.

I’ve ordered ice cream online before from competing restaurants, and my ice cream was in perfect shape when it arrived. Sad to see that this restaurant could not deliver ice cream properly.

I decided to pour the melted ice cream in the waffle bowl that I got extra and ate it with that. The bowl absorbed the melted ice cream so at least I got to eat whatever left that was not melted.

Finally, my cookies n cream shake was the only item that I liked as it was still creamy and thick. The cookies n cream flavours were just right for my sweet tooth.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the peanut butter waffle bowl for 6DHS, fudge brownie delight for 26DHS, original ice cream cup with mint, peanut butter and coconut ice cream for 20DHS, and the cookies n cream shake for 28DHS.

The pricing of the ice cream here was the same at the Marble Slab back home so I was glad to know that it was consistent.

The service that I received here was great because after I placed my order online, a staff member called me to confirm my order and to let me know that the flavours that I chose were out of stock. She kindly listed all the available flavours and was patient with me when I had to decide again.

The delivery was later than the estimated time of delivery. It came 15 minutes later and the ice cream was already a bit melted.

Marble Slab Creamery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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