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My review for Kcal – eating healthy at restaurants can be difficult at times as you never know what ingredients are used and how many calories each dish has. I was glad to have come across this place while looking for healthier alternatives through the Zomato delivery app.

Each dish on the menu here has the exact ingredients listed and the amount of calories it has. Not only was the calories provided, but the fat, carbs, and protein was also listed. This made my life so much easier as I am on a diet and was able to find the right dish to meet my daily calories limit.


The salmon ragout had 353 calories and the portion of the salmon was much bigger than the side of pasta which was great as I am cutting back on carbs. This dish also came with a handful of green beans, a couple of cherry tomatoes, and low fat cream sauce. The salmon was evenly roasted, but I found it to be a bit dry. The sauce really did not do much for the dryness of the salmon. The green beans were delicious and the same went for the cherry tomatoes, where it was light and refreshing.


With this dish, I had a choice of brown rice, salad, or penne pasta as a side, and I decided to go with the penne pasta as I haven’t had pasta in a while. The pasta was an additional 167 calories on top, so my whole dinner consisted of a total of 520 calories.


These two items were packaged separately, so there is an option to just have the salmon ragout alone without consuming the additional 167 calories. I chose to consume both, as my calories limit for the day had 600 left. The pasta was al dente and the sauce was super light which did not over power the salmon at all.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the salmon ragout with a side of whole wheat penne pasta for 58DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was just right for the quality of ingredients and for a healthier alternative.

The service that I received here was easy where all I had to do was open my Zomato app and browse through the menu and simply adding to the cart.

The delivery time was a bit later than the estimated time but the driver was friendly. My meal was still warm, so I was glad that it wasn’t cold due to the delay in delivery time.

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