Koryo – Dubai

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My review for Koryo – Saw that this restaurant now does online delivery through Zomato for the area surrounding IBN Battuta Mall. I wanted to see if this new location improved on the quality of their dishes compared to my favourite branch back home in Canada, where it was perfection there.

The Koryo back in Canada always had a line up in the food court and the aroma of the live cooking grill was divine. I loved how the meats were always freshly grilled right in front of you by the chefs.

However, the Koryo here in Dubai, the cooks does the grilling in the back and most of the meats are already cooked or grilled and is sitting in the hot trays out in front. This setup takes away from the magic of delicious Korean style meat.

Luckily, since I don’t eat meat, I decided to get salmon as I know this will be grilled for me in the back and is not sitting out in front for hours.

Along with the salmon as my main course, I decided to get some japche noodles, as I don’t like to eat white rice in general, and white rice comes with the salmon by default.


The grilled salmon was a small portion on top of a lot of rice, (talk about a carb overload). I hate white rice so I had to give it to my husband. The salmon was grilled evenly and was cooked on the inside. The marinade on the salmon was light and tasty. I chose broccoli as my side, which I thought went well with my salmon.


Along with my salmon, I had the japchae noodles, also known as sweet potato noodles which I thought was more reasonable for my diet as I try to cut back on carbs. The noodles were evenly coated in sauce and was stir fried with a few vegetables.


My verdict: I still miss the Koryo back home where the salmon and japchae noodles were perfect and made in front of me. The bonus was – it was located in the food court so it was cheap and there was a Korean chef to grill your meats right in front of you! The locations here need to learn a thing or two from the Canadian branches.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the grilled salmon for 34DHS, and the japchae noodles for 24DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was reasonable for food court food.

The service that I received here was great where immediately after I placed the order online, a staff member called me to ask what side I would like with my salmon. She was patient with me and listed the different sides they have, and waited for my decision.

The delivery was a bit slow and the driver was rude where he did not greet me with a hello like most of the other drivers do.

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