Allons-y – Dubai

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My review for Allons-y – I came here for a quick late lunch but it turned out to be a long 2 hours as only one staff member was working who was taking orders, making the beverages, and cooking the food. This shocked me as she could not make most of the items that I wanted to order and she told us that she is the only one working. We were surprised and asked where the chef was and she says that she does not work on Saturdays.

Found out later that the chef is the owner of the restaurant and it makes sense for her to take the weekend off, but she could at least hire on a weekend chef to take over instead of making the server cook everything.

Our drinks came to the table 20 minutes later, as she had to make it from scratch. The food then took an hour and half to arrive to the table as she was the only one preparing it. This bugged me deeply as there were two other customers in the restaurant and they were trying to place their orders as well but she was too busy cooking our food to pay attention to them.

The eggs and bagels was presented nicely when it finally came to the table. However, when I closely looked at it, the bagel was swimming on top of a thin pool of butter. The bagel was super greasy and the same goes for the eggs. This made me wish that I came when the actual chef, Juno, was working as I’m sure she would have not let this happen. The only item that I enjoyed was the blueberries that came on the plate.

I also decided to get the french toast as a little dessert finish to my lunch but when she was preparing this, I kept hearing the microwave in the back going off and I was hoping each time it was beeping that she was not warming up pre made french toast for me. When she brought it to my table, it looked simple and I asked if she microwaved it and she just smiled. The french toast was a bit soggy but the sweet flavours were not too bad.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 2/5.

I ordered the lemon nana for 18DHS, eggs & bagels for 22DHS, and the french toast for 22DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was well priced for a cafe.

The service that I received here was good for the first 5 minutes as she took our drink order promptly. However, as she started getting swamped with our order, she began to dismiss us without caring for what we had to say.

It was disappointing for the server to be the only one working both the front and the kitchen, as most of the items were “unavailable” because she was not trained to make those items. We were only limited to choose from less than half of the very small menu that this place offers.

The ambience of this restaurant was small and simple, where there wasn’t really a theme to the place. It was a great set up for a cafe where there were small tables to enjoy a coffee at.

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