Bao Wow – Dubai

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My review for Bao WowThis place wowed (see what I did there?) me from the moment I saw the entrance to the moment I took my first bite out of the shrimp tempura bao.

I was not really a fan of pan or fusion Asian cuisine as the places I visited before were not up to my picky standards. However, this restaurant changed my mind completely on Pan Asian cuisine!

I got the shu mai dumplings to start, and usually I avoid this dish at every other Asian restaurant because it’s usually pork meat on the inside. These dumplings was filled with seafood so I was super happy about that. The presentation of these dumplings were unique where dry ice was used. Taking my first bite, I could really taste the tiger prawns and scallops. The dumplings were soft and super delicious.

The second item that I ordered was the my wow tempura maki as I needed to get something Japanese with a twist to fulfil my sushi cravings. This maki was rolled with tiger prawns, asparagus, chives, carrots, wasabi mayonnaise, and it was deep fried in tempura batter. I loved how it was made this way, as it was crunchy and went well with my wasabi in soy sauce.

Of course, I had to try one of the baos served here, so I got the prawn tempura bao. Each order comes with two perfectly sized baos and it was great for sharing with my husband. Each bao had one deep fried prawn, picked red onion, cucumber, and was filled with a creamy chilli bean mayonnaise sauce. The combination of the ingredients went so well together and it was so good that I wished my husband didn’t eat the second portion.

Finally, I finished off my dinner with the seafood ramen since I already did major damage to my diet all in one sitting with the amount of carbs I had already so I might as well go all out. The seafood ramen was outstanding where I was ecstatic to see different seafood in the bowl. I saw scallops, tiger prawns, and lobster, which were all perfectly cooked. The broth was comforting and the baby corn, snow peas, and wakame were all refreshing to see and taste.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the prawn tempura bao for 54DHS, shu mai dumplings for 28DHS, my wow tempura maki roll for 54DHS, and the seafood ramen for 64DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was on the higher side for causal dining but I thought that each dish was worth every fil.

The service that I received here was perfect from beginning to end. I was impressed with the overly friendly staff members who were super enthusiastic.

I was happy to see that the manager, Henry, was on top of his game when it came to checking in on us and clearing our table quickly. He was more than willing to explain each dish we received at the table in detail and could not wait to hear our thoughts on them.

The ambience of this restaurant was modern and had that street Asian vibe all around. The colours of red were everywhere and the popart graffiti was catching my eye each time I looked up at the wall. The colourful bright lanterns hanging from the ceiling was a nice final touch to the place.

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