About xotina143

Who and what does xotina143 mean? Well the username is significant to me as Tina is my nickname of course, the “xo” part was something that I used to hear my parents say a lot and for them, xo was their favourite alcoholic beverage. Whenever I saw the bottle of the “xo Hennessy” in their display case, it was just so beautiful and I had always seen it at Cambodian wedding receptions. This alcoholic beverage is a big deal in my culture. I didn’t associate it as “hugs and kisses,” which is the international meaning behind it. The “143” is special to me as my close friend of many years used to say it to me, and I never knew what it meant until he explained that it meant “I love you – 1 letter in I, 4 letters in love, and 3 in you.” 

My name is Christina Chan, and I am a food blogger, makeup and beauty blogger, lifestyle blogger, and amateur photographer in Dubai, UAE. I graduated as an Occupational Therapist at Grant MacEwan University, in Canada.

I was born and raised in Canada but my background is Chinese and Cambodian. Currently, I am living in my dream city with my husband, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

 I am a “forking,” (the infamous f word) foodie, and I love to take photos of beautiful food presentations, as it is a form of art. Follow me on instagram to see more photos, @ForkingFoodieDXB.

I am a lover of makeup as well, I would consider myself as a self taught makeup artist, who dyes her own hair, does her own gel nails, and style my own self. For beauty, fashion, and my traveling adventures, follow my other instagram, @xotina143.

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