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Rough year

This year has been so tough on me. If you read my previous diary post, you’ll know that I was struggling with the knowledge that both of my grandmothers were sick. One of them passed away a few of months ago and it was honestly so hard for me as I am on the other side of the world and…

Scared of Tomorrow

I found out that both of my grandmas got sick recently and both got admitted to the hospital. This is so hard for me to deal with because I am currently living on the other side of the world and cannot travel back just yet. I am so sad and everyday I am forced to smile but I am just not feeling…

Online Diary 

I will be posting diary posts in this tab on my random thoughts, what I am up to, and it will basically just be entries of me venting or being more intimate. You all will get to know what I do other than get all dolled up or what I eat.