Iftar at Dusit Thani Hotel

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My review of Dusit Thani’s iftar buffet – this hotel offers a remarkable selection of food for their iftar buffet since it has a combination of the different cuisines from the three restaurants located on the 24th floor of the hotel. The different cuisines include Arabian, Italian, and Thai food.

I thought that the fattoush, som tum salad, and the smoked salmon plate were my favourites from the salad portion of the buffet. The fattoush was fresh and crispy. I loved the som tum salad, as this is a Thai salad and it was amazing. I am an expert when it comes to flavours from Thailand and this salad was on point. Lastly, the smoked salmon was wonderful and seasoned perfectly, having it paired with the fresh salad was great.


Part of the salad station

My favourites from the hot foods portion of the buffet were the seafood pasta from the live cooking station, eggplant moussaka, pad thai, and the fish fillet in red curry.

I was glad the pasta was prepared on the spot for you because you can choose the type of pasta, the toppings, and the sauce. I chose tortellini with seafood and white sauce, and I liked how I could control the portion size of each item. The pasta was definitely delicious.


Chefs preparing pasta

I really enjoyed the eggplant moussaka, it was basically eggplant lasagna, and it was baked perfectly. The lasagna was generously filled with eggplant, and it was tasty.


Eggplant moussaka

Finally, I thought that the pad thai and fish fillet in the red curry were my top favourites from the buffet. The flavours were authentic, and the fish was soft where it was filled with delicious red curry.


Pad Thai

Last but not least, there was a large selection of dessert from the buffet, and it included both arabian and western desserts. I loved the blueberry cake, pana cotta, fruit cake, and the black forest cake the most.


Some of the dessert

This iftar deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the iftar buffet for 149DHS.

The pricing of the buffet is well priced.

The service was wonderful here, especially right when you got off the elevator, the hostess had huge smiles on their faces. It was easy to get a server to bring juices to our table and they were quick to clear the dirty plates off the table.

The ambience was lavish here from the moment you stepped out of the elevator, you were exposed to the beautiful buffet setup. I loved how the 24th floor of the hotel was dedicated to hosting the iftar buffet. The three restaurants on this floor basically became one where the buffet was set up in the middle and the restaurants were opened with tables where you can sit at a table to eat.

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Debonairs Pizza

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My review of Debonairs Pizza – a restaurant that serves many different types of pizzas. I am old fashioned, and usually just order the regular margherita pizza, but this place forces me to try something different.


The rustic pizzas here are great because there is very little oil on the bottom of the pizzas, and the crust are nice and thin. The pizza that I had was the prim and pesto and I loved the pesto sauce drizzled on top rather than just being mixed with the tomato sauce on the base. The tomatoes were a nice topping and the flavours were great.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the prim and pesto pizza for 28DHS.

The pricing is good for the pizzas and the sizes of them.

The service was wonderful as the customer service staff was well trained and placed my pizza order correctly. The pizza arrived at my doorstep quickly and the pizza was definitely still hot!

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Zaroob Restaurant 

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My review of Zaroob – this is a wonderful restaurant that serves a variety of different Arabian cuisine dishes. Each dish was a perfect size to get a good taste of the different flavours offered here.

The potato and eggs alayet was amazing. This dish was similar to scrambled eggs, and the potatoes added to the eggs was a nice touch. The eggs were soft and was seasoned nicely so the flavours were great.


Potato and eggs alayet

I enjoyed the idea of the koshari – which is a dish that has a mixture of rice, pasta, chickpeas, spaghetti, lentils, and tomato sauce. However, I did not like this dish so much as there was not much of any flavours to it. It was almost bland, even with the tomato sauce on top, it just was not enough.



My favourite dish was the trio of cheese man’oushe. The three cheeses melted inside the pita bread was such a comforting dish to eat. I am a big cheese eater, and this satisfied my cheese cravings for the day.

I would have to say that the worst dish was the eggs and cheese kaa’k since it was so dry. The egg was hardboiled and sliced into pieces and placed inside the bread with some cheese. It seemed like it was missing some seasoning, or adding more cheese would have brought out more flavours.


Eggs and cheese kaa’k

Finally, I want to mention the zaroobian mocktail as it was nice to see a bunch of mixed fresh fruits in this drink and it was refreshing. However, the avocado juice was really bitter, I know this juice is fresh without any sugar added, but I believe the avocado was over riped. I eat avocados daily, so I know the avocado was definitely not right here.



This restaurant deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

I ordered the potato and eggs alayet for 22DHS, koshari for 28DHS, hummus fatteh for 25DHS, za’atar saj for 12DHS, trio of cheese man’oushe for 23DHS, eggs and cheese kaa’k for 27DHS, the zaroobian mocktail for 24DHS, and the avocado juice for 22DHS.

The pricing of the dishes are absolutely inexpensive.

The service was great with a few servers working so there was always someone around when you need something. The beverages were a bit slow coming to the table, but the food came out quickly.

The ambience of the restaurant is unique with bright colours and interesting decor all around. There was a nice fresh fruit stand for making the juices, and you are able to see the chefs prepare most of the dishes behind the glass counters. This restaurant is located in the Palm Jumeirah area in the Golden Mile.


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Sugar Factory Dubai Restaurant

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My review of Sugar Factory – I have heard about this well known restaurant and candy store from social media accounts featuring Kylie Jenner who was at the Los Angeles grand opening. I was then excited to learn that there were restaurants here in Dubai, and I finally had the chance to bring out my inner child and indulge myself in the food, unique drinks and dessert that are offered here.

I loved the goblets that was served here. The presentation of each one was absolutely adorable and they were huge! I love how it was prepared table side so the dried ice was dancing away nicely. The drinks were sweet and thirst quenching from the hot weather outside.


Lollipop passion goblet

 From the sampler platter, I really enjoyed the fried mac and cheese. It was something different, the dough on the outside was soft and the inside was filled with delicious creamy mac and cheese.


Sampler platter

My favourite meal of the dinner would have to be the savoury shrimp crepes. The crepe was thin and the filling was so good. I loved the spinach and shrimp combination, the spinach was so fresh and the sauce was perfect.  


Savoury shrimp crepe

Now onto my favourite part of dinner – dessert!! I was obsessed with the apple pie waffles. I love the flavours of the traditional apple pie, but served in waffle form was amazing. The apples were caramelized perfectly, the waffles were soft, and the ice cream was yummy. 


Apple pie waffles

The key lime pie was outstanding. The rich flavours of the lime were strong in the pie, and the crust was beautiful. It was served alone with some whip cream and raspberries, but the pie alone was already so great that it did not need anymore to it.

Finally, I have to mention the bananas foster ice cream sandwich. This is hands down my new favourite dessert. I was amazed at how strong the banana flavours were, and the cookies making the sandwich went perfectly with the banana flavoured ice cream.


Bananas foster ice cream sandwich

Oh and one more thing – I got the chance to try one of the insane milkshakes here. I got the cheese burger and bacon one – didn’t eat the real cheese burger and bacon served with it, but did drink the milkshake. And wow it was definitely an insane looking milkshake, with a nice creamy taste to it.


Insane milkshake

This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the lollipop passion goblet drink for 89DHS, berry bliss goblet for 79DHS, white gummi for 79DHS, coconut chocolate joy martini for 35DHS, sampler platter appetizer for 55DHS, savoury shrimp crepes for 60DHS, fried seafood platter for 129DHS, apple pie waffles for 45DHS, red velvet pancakes for 44DHS, key lime pie for 38DHS, bananas foster ice cream sandwich for 38DHS, and the barbie milkshake for 35DHS.

The pricing of the dishes are reasonable for everything that I recieved.

The service was excellent where the staff members were professional, friendly, and were well trained. I loved how organized each server was and how the beverages came first, and the food coming out quickly after.

The ambience of the restaurant is beautiful and modern. I love how we are able to see the candy store upon entering to the right. The decor is elegant, and the pictures of celebrities on the walls was a nice fit as this is a well known place in Los Angeles. This restaurant is in a very good location at City Walk with outside seating available.


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Galito’s Restaurant 

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My review of Galito’s – this is another restaurant that serves their chicken with the infamous peri sauces from Portugal and Africa. I love the peri sauces served at the other well known Portuguese restaurants, but the sauces here were not up to my standards for the texture and flavours. It was not thick enough, and just runny, and I could not taste the star ingredients in each sauce.

The peri-shrooms dish was a bit disappointing as I was expecting it to be more flavourful. The mushrooms had seasoning on it, but it was still not enough. I had to add more sauce that was provided on the table. The bread that came with this dish tasted better than the mushrooms.



My chilli bean salad was not appealing for presentation, I thought it was lacking colour as well, as I expected it to be more red as it is a chilli dish. The beans were cooked nicely, and the flavours were average.


Chilli bean salad

My prawn combotada was the only dish that stood out for me. The tiger prawns were grilled beautifully and seasoned nicely. I loved the sweet potato fries, it was crisp and delicious.


Prawn combotada

Finally, the grilled halloumi wrap was simple for the presentation, but the halloumi was tasty. It was seasoned wonderfully, and grilled perfectly.


Grilled halloumi wrap

This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the melon teaser drink for 20DHS, peri-shrooms with extra hot peri sauce for 22DHS, chilli bean salad for 24DHS, prawn combotada with buttered steamed broccoli and sweet potato fries for 169DHS, and the grilled halloumi wrap for 32DHS.

The pricing of the dishes are average but I found the prawn dishes to be a tad bit on the higher side.

The service was good here with nice staff members. The food came out in a good amount of time, but the beverages were a bit slow coming to our table.

The ambience of the restaurant is bright and welcoming but the decor was outdated with outdated colours. This restaurant is located in the food court of Festival City mall, but with with their own seating, so it is an actual restaurant, and not one of the counters where you just order food from.


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SFC Plus Restaurant

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My review of SFC Plus – this is a good restaurant to get in a cheat meal with a good variety of fast food options to choose from. Of course, most people who come here would immediately get the fried chicken, but I chose to try out the pizza.

The pizza here was different from what usually pizzas are known for, and the one key thing that stood out was the fluffy and thin crust. I would have to compare the crust to the crust that is found on a pie. I really liked the crust on this pizza, and how it did not overpower the flavours of the toppings. There was a good amount of cheese, and it was a simple pizza overall.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the medium margherita for 30DHS.

The pricing of the pizza here is not too bad, but the combos would be a better deal of course.

The service was slow through their online delivery. I had to call into the call center twice questioning whether the delivery man got lost or they were just very slow at making my pizza? After an hour and a half later, the pizza finally came to my place.

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Milas Restaurant

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My review of Milas – With the beautiful ambience, you would expect beautiful food served here as well. However, I found the presentation of the food served here to be simple and the flavours were average.

I want to start off talking about the vanilla popcorn drink that I had. This was the only thing that I got that had a unique presentation to it. I love popcorn, and the vanilla complimented the flavours of the popcorn nicely.


Vanilla popcorn

I found that the falafel bites that I had were simple and straightforward for flavours. The falafel was soft, and there was little  amounts of sauce found inside the bread. The presentation was plain, and the garnish was just a cherry tomato cut into 4 and it was placed on each corner of the dish, so nothing really fancy at all. 


Falafel bites

My beetroot salad was delicious, and everything on the plate was fresh. I enjoyed the vinaigrette dressing, it was light for the beetroot, which was good because the beetroot already had some strong flavours alone. 


Beetroot salad

The seafood risotto was not bad for flavour at all. I enjoyed the creamy texture, and there were different types of seafood with the risotto. The portion size was decent for two people, which was great as the price for this dish is on the higher side. 


Seafood risotto

This restaurant deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

I ordered the falafel bites for 27DHS, pizza khodra for 35DHS, seafood risotto for 77DHS, beetroot salad for 32DHS, cold hazelnut latte for 28DHS, and the vanilla popcorn drink for 36DHS.

The pricing of the dishes served here seems pretty standard comparing with other Emirati cuisines around town.

The service was good here, especially when there were a lot of staff members on the floor for the iftar rush. The food and beverages came out in a good amount of time.

The ambience of the restaurant is modern with beautiful decor and furniture all around. The place was inviting, with indoor seating, along with seating outside of the restaurant inside the mall. This restaurant is located in The Village of the Dubai mall, and it is under the beautiful display of the hanging umbrellas above.


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